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Article published the January 7, 2020:

Synbiotics and gut health

Introduction: Poultry meat industry has been more dynamic than egg industry over these years. Broiler breeder companies are making every effort to produce progeny that produces higher (breast) meat yiel...
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 Ajay Chalikwar
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Article published the January 2, 2020:

Use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to suppress the effects of ochratoxicosis in broiler chickens

A number of cereals and other crops that are incorporated into the human and animal feed are susceptible to fungal attack and mycotoxin production, either in the field (before and after harvest) or during stora...
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Asitbaran MandalRam Singh Bibyan
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Article published the December 20, 2019:

Ameliorative Effects of Mannan Oligosaccharide and Sodium Butyrate on Production Performance and Immunity During Combined Aflatoxicosis and Ochratoxicosis in Broiler Chickens

Abstract To evaluate the ameliorative impact of mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) and sodium butyrate (NaB) during combined aflatoxicosis and ochratoxicosis on production performance and immunity, day-old broiler c...
Author/s :
Ram Singh Bibyan
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Article published the September 17, 2019:

Effect of arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides and arabinoxylans on net energy and nutrient utilization in broilers

1. Introduction Xylans, also known as arabinoxylans (AX) and pentosans, are the most abundant hemicelluloses in the cell walls of monocotyledonous plants, such as cereals. The presence of these polysaccharide...
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Mingan ChoctNatalie Morgan
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Article published the September 17, 2019:

Innovative drugs, chemicals, and enzymes within the animal production chain

1 Introduction The rising number of recently reported human illnesses with bacterial infections resistant to multiple antibacterial agents has become a fundamental concern in recent years [1, 2]. This phenomen...
Author/s :
Chengbo YangCyril Gerard GayLudovic Lahaye
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Article published the August 22, 2019:

Phytocee augments Cell mediated Immunity by enhancing NK cell activity

Natural killer (NK) cells, an important component of innate immunity, are a distinct lineage of lymphocytes defined by the expression of CD56 and NKp46 and by the absence of CD3, providing a first line of defen...
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Article published the July 26, 2019:

Effect of Bacillus Subtilis-based Direct-fed Microbials on Immune Status in Broiler Chickens Raised on Fresh or Used Litter

INTRODUCTION In the modern intensive production environment, multiple broiler flocks are commonly raised on a single batch of litter where day-old chickens are placed directly on used litter (Volkova et al., 2...
Author/s :
Daniel BautistaGregory SiragusaHyun Lillehoj
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Article published the July 2, 2019:

Effect of Feeding Garlic (Allium sativum) as Prebiotic on the Performance of Broiler Chicken

Introduction The use of antibiotic based growth promoters is presently facing serious problem and has raised global concern as some reports revealed their ill effects among which are development of microbial r...
Author/s :
Deben SapcotaDr. Joga Dev MahantaDr. Rafiqul Islam
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Article published the June 25, 2019:

Poultry: pathogen control in antibiotic-free production

Recently, many studies have been investigating the impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiota, and researchers have shown that, in addition to altering the composition of the microbiota, antibiotics also can a...
Author/s :
Liliana Longo BorgesMelina Aparecida Bonato
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Article published the June 4, 2019:

The Study of Different Growth Promoters on Growth Performance, Intestinal Bacteriology and Haematological Characteristics

INTRODUCTION Now a day, there are limitations on the use of antibiotic because of its resistance development after prolonged consumption. So there is constant search and development for the new other alternati...
Author/s :
Yahya Sabah Abdulameer
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