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Baby chicks management

When chicks arrive at the housing facility, it is important to ensure that the barn is set up for proper brooding. Chicks will transition from a very tightly controlled and conditioned life at the hatchery to a more independent life at the broiler farm. This means ensuring proper temperature/humidity, excellent water quality and ventilation, and ensuring easy access to feed. With such a short growing period, chick health in the 7 days after placement can really set the stage for performance over the entire grow out period. Another important component for neonatal health and disease control is ensuring, cleaning, disinfection and down time between groups and excellent biosecurity practices when chicks are in the barn. Due to advances in poultry genetics, knowledge of nutrition, bird management and disease control, broilers grow very fast. Their growth rate is dependent on the amount of energy (calories) in their feed. A 3-feed program is most efficient and cost effective program.
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