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#Baby chicks management
Participation in Forum on September 6, 2020
Aziz Sacranie O2 and CO2 will always be correlated. If CO2 is high O2 must be low and vice versa. Measuring O2 is complicated/expensive if you want a reasonable accuracy. CO2 is easier/cheaper and more accurate. The resolution on a CO2 sensor, measuring in ppm, is higher (same price level) than an O2 sensor.Air change every 5 minutes. I guess this recommendation will depend on age of the birds. Le ...
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Derek Detzler (JEFO) talked about antibiotic-free production and poultry vaccination, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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During the summertime, most broiler producers would not consider a house temperature in the low 80's of particular concern, even with a house full of near-market-age birds. But in truth they should be. Because without sufficient air speed, the use of evaporative cooling pads to keep house temperature to a minimum can cause bird body temperatures to quickly rise even if the house temperature is rel ...
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It is widely understood that tunnel ventilation is a necessity when it comes to keeping market-age broilers comfortable during hot weather. Air speeds of 600 ft/min or more combined with evaporative pad cooling of ten degrees or more have proven to not only help keep heat stress related mortality to a minimum, but enable the birds to continue to eat and grow during even the hottest summer weather. ...
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The brooding period is important to getting chicks off to a good start and influences flock performance. Depending on the market weight, the brooding period represents as much as 1/3 of the grow-out period. The chick is still developing and will grow rapidly during this period. The objective is to minimize stress on the chick so that the majority of the energy is directed towards growth and develo ...
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IntroductionKeeping birds comfortable during hot, humid weather is critical for optimizing weight gains, feed conversion and livability. Improved growth rates and the trend to heavier average market weights contribute to greater heat loads in modern broiler barns. While the poultry industry has made significant strides to minimize seasonal effects, even the best housing design can still result in ...
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Michael Czarick (University of Georgia) explained the advantages of using variable speed fans, including the reduction of power costs, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Very interesting - another issue that also needs to be done, is poultry hygiene between flocks.We need to eliminate (or, second best, reduce the pressure) of the Coccidia and the spores from Clostridia, by very good cleaning and disinfection. Especially in cracks in floors, etc.
Participation in Forum on October 10, 2017
Thank you Marcel for a very inspirational and useful message. Always nice when professionals shares their knowledge and teach us how to do things.
Participation in Forum on September 7, 2017
CO2 is important, but remember the temperature. I have seen several examples of inactive chicks caused by low temperature. Depending on the conditions you should start your chicks at 33-35 degrees C. If air temperature is too low, the chicks will stay inactive to save energy and try to maintain body temperature. For sure a low CO2 is important, but I do not think that levels at 3.000-4.000 will m ...
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