Shelby Ramirez
Shelby Ramirez (United States)
Technical publication

Incorporating feed additives with coccidiosis control programs

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Many producers implement coccidiosis control programs utilizing combinations of coccidiosis vaccines, coccidiostats, and feed additives. Depending on the modes of action of the feed additive, combining or replacing different strategies may be...
Sam Shafer
Poultry Science Association
Sam Shafer (United States)
Publication of news release

Why your chickens might need essential oils - Interpretive Summary

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According to a new paper in Poultry Science® certain chemicals found in plant-derived essential oils (EOs) may improve meat and egg production while reducing the need for antibiotics. This review, led by scientists in Egypt...
Patricia Jackson
Patricia Jackson (United States)
Video publishing

Afla V ONE 2 - 80 ppb Method For Aflatoxins In Complete Feeds and Pet Foods

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Afla V ONE 2 - 80 ppb Method For Aflatoxins In Complete Feeds and Pet Foods
Afla-V ONE 2-80 ppb Method is the world's first single-calibration aflatoxin lateral flow strip test for complete feeds and pet foods. Highly sensitive and precise, Afla-V ONE is designed for use with the Vertu PREP lateral flow strip test reader...
kamelia osman
Technical publication

Blood heat shock proteins evoked by some Salmonella strains infection in ducks

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Bacterial heat-shock response is a global regulatory system required for effective adaptation to changes (stress) in the environment. An in vitro study was conducted to investigate the impact of a sublethal temperature (42°C) on heat shock protein...
Samuel Aggrey
Poultry Science Association
Samuel Aggrey (United States)
Video publishing

Water Efficiency Research

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Water Efficiency Research
Samuel Aggrey (University of Georgia) talks to Sam Shafer (PSA) about the effective use of water. Let's Squawk About It is a monthly interview segment by the Poultry Science Association.
Dr. Junaid Syed
Rossari Biotech Limited
Video publishing

Initiatives and Current Poultry Market Scenario

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Initiatives and Current Poultry Market Scenario
Dr. Junaid Syed, Assistant General Manager and Head of International Business, Rossari Biotech Limited, talks about the company´s initiatives for 2022 and the challenges they face regarding the current poultry and livestock situation.
Dr. Alireza Khadem
Technical publication

Evaluation of a novel plant-based technology aiding the control of coccidiosis in modern poultry production

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Coccidiosis in modern production has been linked with compromised intestinal health, chronic inflammation, reduction in antibiotic usage and economic losses. Even subclinical disease can lead to significant production losses. The use of...
Mohammed el Amine BENARBIA
Technical publication

Saponins-based solution as efficient as coccidiostats to manage coccidiosis and gut health in broiler chickens?

Views: 49
Gut health can be affected negatively in broiler chickens by coccidiosis. To limit the effect of this disease, coccidiostats have been used with success for decades. However, their intensive use in broiler chicken flocks has led to resistance...
Mick Bailey
Mick Bailey (United Kingdom)
Technical publication

Intestinal microbiomes as complex ecosystems: Implications for intervention strategies

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There are clear associations between colonization with intestinal microbiomes and the development of the mucosal immune system and of metabolic function. In laboratory rodents, single microbial species can expand whole sections of the immune...
Chris Morrow
Chris Morrow (Australia)
Technical publication

Top breeder performance with improved mycoplasma control

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Top breeder performance with improved mycoplasma control
Having the same strategy for MG and MS control has the advantage that there is no cross interference. For example, the continued use of routine antibiotics after live mycoplasma vaccination probably leaves the control of the mycoplasma solely to...
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