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Evonik Animal Nutrition

Influence of low protein diets on performance and intestinal health

Published: April 23, 2019
Carlos de La Cruz, Global Expert of Egg Production at Evonik Animal Nutrition, offers some suggestions to achieve gut health in layers, during the Congresso de Ovos APA 2019 in Brazil
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Carlos de la Cruz Sierra
Evonik Animal Nutrition
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Ram Singh
7 de mayo de 2019
We should also consider the mycotoxin content of poultry feed when the animals are fed low protein diets. On low protein diets the effects of mycotoxicosis are increased. Dr. Ram Singh Bibyan
John Wills, PhD
21 de abril de 2022
It depends on what is low portein and the digest able lysine to formulate to and using the Ideal Protein method. Using a soy + corn as the major ingredient with a dig Lys of 1.28 plus a glycine + define set to crude protein of 22 % and using metionibe, lysine, theorinre , arginine , valinr, and isoleucine the crude protein will decrease to 20 % which is not low protein.
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