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Victor Naranjo Haro
EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION WE’RE SCIENCING THE GLOBAL FOOD CHALLENGE BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE The greatest global challenge is to ensure food security. Eight billion human lives depend on it. However, it matters how we source animal protein. BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE...
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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
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Dr. Dirk Hoehler, SVP Essential Nutrition at Evonik, provides more details on Evonik’s backward integration of their DL-Methionine plant and their global methionine production network
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Dr. Fernanda Castro, Technical Service Manager and Global Sustainability Coordination inoSust® Program at Evonik Animal Nutrition, points out how inoSust® collects and analyzes data to identify the environmental footprint of poultry production
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Dr. Anita Menconi, Regional Business Director, Specialty Nutrition, Americas at Evonik, introduces the Next Generation of Probiotics, exemplified by Ecobiol® Fizz. This soluble probiotic tablet offers a fast and convenient solution for supporting a naturally balanced microbiota in poultry
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Dr. Markus Wiltafsky-Martin, Director of Service Commercialization at Evonik Animal Nutrition, explains what NIR is, how it operates, and demonstrates how AMINONIR® swiftly and accurately determines the nutritional quality of your feeds and raw materials – ensuring fast, reliable results of the highest quality.
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I agree, it is a very important topic. On point was not discussed enough I think: standardisation of the bioinformatics. While new developments are always happening overall, the 16s sequencing bioinformatics is now mostly established to use ASV or mOTUs based on the DADA2 pipeline. It might be useful to agree at least on a best practice and recommended tools for the bioinformatics as well. This wi ...
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A study published in 2003 comparing the nutrition and genetics of broilers from 1957 to a commercially available broiler strain estimated that within less than 50 years of development, broilers were reared to maturation in a third of the time (Havenstein et al., 2003). This shows clear evidence that improvements in genetics, nutrition and management of rearing meat producing chickens has continual ...
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ABSTRACTEnteric infections such as coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis in broilers may have a large influence on the endogenous amino acids (eAA) losses within the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Although not much is known on this topic, more information is available on the effects of these diseases on the apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of amino acids. There are many factors that must be consider ...
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Dears Mr. Naranjo and Mr. Lemme, as you well mention in your study, the diets tested are deficient on Methionine (Met) and Methionine+Cystine, therefore not representative of the commercial conditions. It has already been demonstrated that along with the most rapid increase in plasma there is a more rapid feed intake with DL-Met over HMTBa (referred as MHA-FA in your study) at low levels of Met su ...
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Dear Alireza, thank you for confirming the concept by an additional data set. I like to pronounce, that validating the equivalency of DL-Met and the methionine hydroxy analogue at 65:100 replacement ratio not only results in same animal performance but also in considerable cost savings when using DL-Met provided the price ratio between mentioned products is not 65%, which means the price of the hy ...
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Optimal soybean (SB) processing conditions is essential to ensure that antinutritional factors as trypsin inhibitors are deactivated while maintaining protein solubility and dispersibility. Heat processing is critical for improving amino acid digestibility of extruded SB for broilers. Excessive heat treatment can lead to denaturation of proteins, resulting in a negative impact on animal performanc ...
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