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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION AT A GLANCE Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. The central elements of our strategy for sustained value creation are profitable growth, efficiency and values. In 2017 Evonik’s more than 36,000 employees generated sales of &euro...
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What if we could seamlessly manage all our data and share information with trusted partners? Could the connectivity and collaboration across our value chain help each one of us? Our industry is evolving toward a more efficient, sustainable and innovative future. Let’s take a walk down the future lane. Hear what Kshitij "Tij" Gupta, Head of Platform & Business Development at Evonik, has to say abo ...
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Claudia Parys, Ruminant Nutritionist - Global Technical Support at Evonik Animal Nutrition, points out the challenges of sustainability in feed production nowadays, How Mepron® (Rumen-Protected DL-Methionine) can benefit dairy cattle producers, combat oxidative stress and improve milk production...
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Introduction The influence of protein and energy on growth performance and carcass traits in broiler chickens have been intensively studied in the literature and the investigation is ongoing because the performance of modern broiler chickens improves every couple of years as a result of successfully selective breeding program. However, starch and lipid are the two major source of energy in typica ...
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Diego Martinez (University of Arkansas) talked about strategies for obtaining higher breast yield, as well as the importance of finding new ways to analyze data, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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It’s all about performance. Best quality, best handling. It's about science. Particularly for use in monogastrics. MetAMINO® ensures the adequate supply of sulfur amino acids, especially of the essential methionine. Because of methionine being first-limiting in typical poultry diets its use has been well established for many years. Additionally, diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a consid ...
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In 2019, Evonik launched a new science-based training program called the ‘Evonik School of Animal Nutrition’ to help its customers achieve optimum performance and profitability with minimum environmental impact. This short video summarizes the events so far and provides insight into the participants’ experiences. It features Martin Smith, our Technical Director for the MEA region, Ansgar Jaegar, S ...
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To meet the challenges of our growing population sustainably, livestock feeding practices need to be improved. Optimized protein supply plays a major role, which is where Mepron® from Evonik comes in. Learn more about how your farm can benefit from this important feed additive in this short video.
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Shahzaib Shakeel One half of DL-methionine is already L-methionine. D-methionine is transformed to L but at a slow rate so that the D-form acts as a potential reservoir for L-Met.The downside of using an analogue is that it is not methionine. It needs to be converted to methionine which consumes energy which is a downside on particular under heat stress conditions. The analogue is a 50:50 mixture ...
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We face a global challenge in feeding a rapidly increasing population, while using fewer resources to do it. In short, we need to do more with less. This sustainable global food challenge will take a variety of players and approaches to resolve, but technology will undoubtedly be central if we are to be successful. Digitization, the Internet of Things and more powerful software all offer new tr ...
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