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IntroductionSorghum ranks fifth in global cereal production after corn, wheat, rice and barley. Most of the world’s sorghum grain is fed to animals, including poultry, but it is also used for food (Africa) and alcohol (ethanol, beer in Africa and baijiu in China).World sorghum production for the last 5 years averaged about 63 million metric tonne (Mmt), the USA being the largest producer (ab ...
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DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEMBroilers have specific essential amino acid requirements that must be met in order to support growth, muscle development, and meat yield (Mack et al., 1999; Zampiga et al., 2018). Continued genetic selection of broiler strains focused on increasing feed intake and meat yield and improving growth efficiency will require adjustments in formulation, particularly in amino acids, ...
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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh, the manufacturers of the enzyme products, conduct trials to estimate the amount of nutrients the specific enzyme releases, such as energy, phosphorus, amino acids, etc. The matrix values express the difference between Control and the Control + enzyme. It is important to ask the distributor/manufacturer of the given enzyme product how many trials they used to derive the ...
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Introductions:Non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) encapsulated in feed grains' cell walls contain valuable nutrients that may be wasted since some animals' endogenous enzymes cannot digest them. Xylanase feed additives degrade grain cell walls, releasing entrapped nutrients to the animal.The soluble portion of NSPs increase digesta viscosity, slowing the passage of feed through the digestive ...
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Seems one should conclude that the equivalence is equal to the value tested plus or minus the variation, as the results are as good as the test variation, which is usually pretty good, but worth stating.
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Introduction Implementation of lighting programs adapted to the normal growth rate of chickens, has brought about improvements in the viability of the animals, feed conversion and decrease of physiopathological dysfunctions, such as: Ascites, skeletal problems and sudden death, depending on the duration of light exposure  (Abad, 2005). However, prolonged or continuous exposure to light, with ...
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The optimum feeding program is a function of the price and quality of ingredients. Your breed is a factor, but the major factor is cost. This is why a good nutritionist will change diet formulations as significant changes in ingredient costs occur.
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Dr. Afrouziyeh has been of great service to provide a recipe and instruction for creating a non-linear least cost formulation for those that are less certain of the nutritional content of their feeds. The more variation one experiences in the ingredients they buy, the more chance there is, with linear programming, to reach a feed that fails dramatically, as Dr. Waldroup pointed out earlier. When u ...
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Mohammad Afrouziyeh (University of Alberta) discusses Least Cost Feed formulation and Maximum Profit Feed formulation models, as well as the application of mathematical Linear Programming and Non Linear Programming models that are used in animal nutrition.
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This study looks very tight and shows a strong benefit to the product. The use of a broiler growth program can help interpret these types of studies. When ingredient formulas are given, the accuracy of the additional value of an ingredient can be quite good.
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