Article published the August 16, 2022
INTRODUCTIONIt has been well known that branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) (Val, Leu and Ile) are not only substrates for building block protein but they are also involved in intracellular signaling pathways on protein anabolism and stimulatory effects on protein synthesis. Among the 3 BCAA, Leu has been considered most effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis by modulating the activation ...
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Article published the August 18, 2021
INTRODUCTIONAmong the essential amino acids (AA), L-arginine (ARG) is one of the functional amino acids in animals. ARG is a nutritionally very important and essential AA for fish, and is considered the fourth limiting AA in aquafeed. Most of fish species excretes ammonia predominantly through the gills, diffusing NH 3 or NH 4 (ammoniotelic animals). Therefore, unlike mammals, fish have a low hepa ...
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Article published the June 2, 2021
1. INTRODUCTIONHistidine (Hist) is one of the 10 essential amino acids for fish, and its importance in nutrition expanding the role of this amino acid beyond its function in protein synthesis. It is well recognized that histidine deficiency can impair growth as well as feed conversion in fish (1, 2). Its metabolites, such as carnosine, anserine and NAH (N-acetyl histidine) play an important role i ...
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Participation in Forum on October 20, 2020
Dear Alvaro, thank you for your positive feedback. I totally agree with your comment about the age effect. That´s why we run the second approach to standardize and compare performance data from broilers at different ages. However, as I mentioned before, I peer-reviewed journal is being prepared from this preliminary review. More fixed or random factors have been considered to fit multivariate poly ...
Participation in Forum on October 20, 2020
Dear Andreas, thank you for your comments. Most of the studies used in the review were marginally deficient in Lys levels ensuring that Lys was the second-limiting AA. It has been well known that Lys should be the second-limiting AA in the diet after the investigated AA (Arg) for establishing the optimal ratio between a specific AA and Lys (AA:Lys ratio). This practice improves the validity of the ...
Article published the October 7, 2020
INTRODUCTIONLike other animal production systems, aquaculture has developed into a highly globalized trade-dependent industry, therefore as global fish farming continues to increase, the need for formulating nutritionally balanced and cost-effective diets with high-quality protein source is important (Furuya et al., 2010). In fact, nutritional value of protein in the diet for fish is influenc ...
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Iván Camilo Ospina-Rojas likes the comment:
Iván Camilo Ospina-Rojas, good article, with an enlightening focus. I take advantage of the material presented here, which somehow comes to consolidate some information that we publish, right here at ENGORMIX with the title; Digestible lysine levels obtained by two methods of formulation of diets for 22-to-42-day-old broilers, with a focus on differentiating diets with or without the use of ...
Participation in Forum on September 30, 2020
I might ask the person in charge of your region about the Arg in feed grade. Pls, feel free to contact me ( to keep you updated. When there is a low Arg/Lys ratio is recommended to avoid high Cl levels, which can increase arginase activity increasing the Arg degradation. As Arg cannot be synthesized by poultry (essential AA), I don't recommend using a low Arg/Lys ratio. The pe ...
Participation in Forum on September 28, 2020
George Entz, thanks for your question and sorry for my late response. Recently, it was launched Arg commercially available for feed grade. That´s why I don't see any reason to work with low Arg levels even more in challenged or vaccinated birds. Arginine supplementation has shown to increase antibody titer against some diseases and enhance the antigen-specif immune response. Also, supplement ...
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Juarez Donzele Thanks for your comment. This is one of the four abstracts presented on this topic a year ago. The full papers have been submitted for publication. I would recommend you read all the information prior to making conclusions based on a 2,300 character abstract. I did not make this publication in Engormix. This is public material that Engormix found on the web based on material ...
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