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The article was written as per applications in ruminant production systems. I know, by experience, that producers have "overfed" antibiotics for years. Not from the standpoint of feeding higher levels that legally allowed but in situations where it may not have been necessary. I.e. feeding it as a form of insurance. Personally, no, I don't believe that fed antibiotics, particularly in ruminants ha ...
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Many thanks for all the kind and thought provoking comments! @Prof. Donzele, I agree that other the immune system requirements for other 'non-essential' amino acids should also be considered (as my review was already rather lengthy this was not really covered). This is definitely a topic to investigate further when formulating diets for challenging conditions.
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5-6 years ago, this topic was very hot in the market. We collected some sample of different sources of Herbal-Met and analyzed them. Although we know the content, but in order to check them in real situation, we conducted couple of well-organized university trials “comparing Herbal-Met and DL-MET “. Herbal-Met had zero effect on chicken performance. For example analytical report of one the sample ...
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This video is factually incorrect. Methionine is an essential amino acid, meaning that in higher animals it cannot be synthesised; it must be consumed within the diet. Plants and micro-organisms can synthesise methionine. Whenever a properly designed and conducted comparison trial is conducted, the equivalence of these herbal products is invariably around 3%. In other words, they are NOT effecti ...
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In addition, the antibiotics used for this purpose are not absorbed and work in the intestinal tract resulting in healthier chickens, thus accounting for the improved performance. They are NOT absorbed into the chicken's body and thus not passed on to the consumer. I may not be totally correct (but I think I am) the growth-promoting antibiotics used in the US poultry industry are not used in human ...
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Steve Roach As noted above, Bacitracin is 100% Unabsorbed. In fact, FDA/CVM had quit asking for data on this point, when potentially new combinations were submitted, as it had been proven too many times before. As the EU (including WHO) has adopted the precautionary principle versus the precautionary approach, their classification is not surprising. In addition, bacitracin in humans is only used t ...
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I'm not sure why the term "overfeeding of antibiotics" is used. The antibiotics have been used for their stated -and FDA approved- purpose of improving growth rates and feed conversion. It's not like the industry has been sneakily using them for nefarious purposes just to improve profits.
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Introduction Dietary arginine supplementation higher than the recommended levels was shown to improve broiler performance (Murakami et al. 2012; Xu et al., 2018; Zampiga et al., 2018). It suggests that arginine levels needed for maximum performance could be higher in modern broilers, which is probably related to the several functions of arginine on animal metabolism. Besides, arginine enhances th ...
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In any experiment looking at dose response to a single nutrient, all other nutrients need to be maintained at a level where they do not impact on performance parameters being investigated. Obviously if this is not the case, results obtained may be due to deficit of another nutrient, rather than that being studied. In this case, all SID AA levels were maintained at a level expected to be sufficient ...
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