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IntroductionModern agriculture constantly strives to maximize biological performance of food production in an effort to optimize economic efficiency, profit potential, and sustainability. Commercial poultry production is among the most efficient and progressively successful of all food production sectors. What factors does it take for continued success in efficient poultry production? It takes the ...
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Dietary fibre is important and yes, I like the article, but one point needs to add which type of fibre is also important. And yes, fiber helps in modulation of intestinal microbiota and good fibre like sunflower meal fibre helps in the reduction of pathogens. Fibre is important for feeding microbiota it may not have any nutritive value, but plays an important role in the gut.
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An organic mineral is a combination of a metal ion with an organic molecule called ‘ligand’ such as amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, yeast, or organic acids. Specifically, the metal ion is bound to the organic ligand through multiple attachments (either ionic or covalent) with the metal ion occupying a central position in the structure (Kincaid, 1989, Nelson, 1988). Animal Trac ...
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The occurrence of pasty vent is usually observed after 3 days of age when chicks are mainly depending on their feed rather than their yolk sac. Some chicken flocks present pasty vent more often than others, being their frequency variable and hard to track. How can it be prevented or treated? Could this characteristic damage the growth or feed conversion ratio at the market age? The pasty vents are ...
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Kristjan Bregendahl (Devenish Nutrition) discussed amino acid profile studies and ratio estimations, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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In majority of formulations in poultry industry phytase and NSPases are included in the diets. Adding protease as a 3rd exogenous enzyme does not bring significant additional benefit. Need to consider ROI of protease.
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Background The avian ceca generally have a more important role in digestion than the cecum in most mammals. Avian ceca are usually finger-shaped blind pouches, presenting as lateral extensions at the junction of the small and large intestine and are commonly present in pairs. In birds the ceca vary considerably in size and morphology; ranging from very long, such as in most domestic poultry, to c ...
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Thanks for the nice article the highlights again the importance to chose the right types of fibre to get positive effects in poultry. One important comment on Fermentability and Solubility: That´s two different parameters which must not be mixed up. Soluble means degradable in the SMALL intestine. Fermentable means metabolized by gut microbiota in the LARGE intestine. It´s true that soluble raw ...
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EXPERIENCE WITH TURKEYS further confirms this trend. Even Free Range Turkeys, with enhanced fibre intake, still go crazy when given access to fresh bedding. I estimate consumption of 60-70% of bedding material within a few days. Feed text books recommend a maximum fibre of 4-5% in Turkey Rations, but the high dilution rate from bedding produces minimal effect on growth or FCE. We are now developin ...
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