Article published the December 26, 2022
For many years reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in biological systems has been considered to be detrimental. However, a pleasant face of ROS has received recently tremendous attention. Indeed, it has been proven that ROS participate in cell signalling, transcription factors regulation and vitagene activation to maintain optimal cellular redox balance and to provide an effective stress adap ...
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Video published on March 26, 2022
Dr. Peter Surai, Professor. Vitagene and Health Research Center, UK, responds to this question in this video.
Video published on March 26, 2022
Mycotoxins can actually compromise gut’s microbiota and its chemical, physical and immunological barrier. Hear what Dr. Peter Surai has to say about it
Article published the September 20, 2021
1. IntroductionRedox biology is a very quickly developing area of modern biological sciences, and roles of redox homeostasis in health and disease have recently received tremendous attention [1–6]. There are a range of redox pairs in cells/tissues responsible for redox homeostasis maintenance/regulation. They include, but are not limited to, NAD+/NADH, NADP+/NADPH, GSSH/GSH (glutathione syst ...
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Article published the August 6, 2021
For the last three decades poultry production worldwide has made tremendous progress in terms of quantity and quality of meat and egg production, including improvement of growth rate and feed conversion rate. However, it has been proven that commercial poultry production is associated with a range of stresses including environmental, technological, nutritional, and internal/biological [1,2]. Indee ...
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Article published the July 28, 2021
BackgroundRecently, a comprehensive review paper devoted to roles of nano-Se in livestock and fish nutrition has been published in the Nanoscale Research Letters [1]. The authors described in great detail an issue related to nano-Se production and its possible applications in animal industry and medicine. Indeed, it is well established that many molecules presented as nanoparticles have unusual be ...
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Article published the July 26, 2021
1. IntroductionIn commercial dairy and beef production, a range of stresses are responsible for economic losses associated with the decreased productive and reproductive performance of cows. It has been shown that at the molecular level, nutritional, technological, environmental and internal stresses lead to the overproduction of free radicals, the disturbance of the redox balance, and oxidative s ...
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Article published the June 28, 2021
1. IntroductionCommercial poultry production is associated with a variety of environmental, technological, nutritional and biological/internal stressors which are responsible for decreased productive and reproductive performance and compromised health [1,2]. A great body of recent information clearly indicates that very often overproduction of free radicals, compromised antioxidant defences a ...
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Article published the June 4, 2021
1. IntroductionContamination with Salmonella affects an estimate of 20% of poultry meat [1]. This pathogen has the ability to remain viable for considerable periods of time in various biological and nonbiological habitats due to the formation of biofilms. Salmonella spp. are widely represented in the environment, and the intestinal tract of animals and birds is where they are found most [2,3]. Sal ...
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Article published the April 28, 2021
INTRODUCTIONNatural antioxidants play important roles in maintaining chicken health, productive and reproductive performance of breeders, layers, rearing birds, and growing broilers. There is a wide range of antioxidant molecules in the body. Some of them are supplied with feed (vitamin E, carotenoids, selenium), others are synthesized in tissues (ascorbic acid, coenzyme Q [CoQ], carnitine, taurin ...
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