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Raju Jakkula
MVSc, PhD in Animal Nutrition
Formulating rations and customized premix formulation for commercial poultry. Poultry disease diagnosis. Providing technical expertise in nutrition and management related queries to poultry farmers.
MVSc, PhD in Animal Nutrition
Participation in Forum on August 9, 2018
Good article sir
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Feed operation counts around 60% to 65% of poultry operation. One needs to produce consistency in quality and quantity throughout 24 hrs, 7/12 and 365 days a year. And that’s the reason various controls in systemic manners on regular basis are required all the time.In the areas of 4 M:- Men management.- Material management.- Machine management.- Money management.Feed mill audit: observation ...
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Osteoporosis (Caged Layer Fatigue) is a condition which manifests itself in several clinical signs. There is leg weakness and sometime paralysis. Affected birds are unable to stand and usually to move to the back area of the cage. They often fall onto their sides with leg outstretched. Birds which live for several days after going down may dehydrated or emaciate and are out of production. Although ...
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April 21, 2015
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