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Dr.Md . Hasanuzzaman
Doctors of Veterinary Medicine
Poultry Farm Management And Their Treatment.
Doctors of Veterinary Medicine
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Antibiotics.Will affect mycoplasma vaccine. EnrofloxacinTetracyclinesMacrolidesLincomycinTylosinTiamulinTimiclocinSulpha etc (a little)ChloramphenicolMay not affect local field strains; Acquired resistance.Won’t affect vaccine.AmpicillinAmoxycillinPenicillinFosfomycin (Phosphomycin)CephalosporinsNot absorbed orally                    &nb ...
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In brooding period which vitamins are more effective for growth & which antibiotic more effective?
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Abdelaziz,sir please send a copy of Avian poultry disease for the futur consultant book this mail please sir I am interested in this copy.
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January 9, 2013
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