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Alain Riggi
The Company Working at the crossroads of nutrition and health we are committed to delivering future evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, including : Improvements in digestibility and bioavailability, for better feed efficacy and performance. Cost-effec...
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Participation in Forum on September 15, 2023
@Mike Stahl HiOur contact in Canada is Ron GauthierR.gauthier@phileo.lesaffre.comKind regards
News published on August 8, 2023
Microbiota days are coming back this year on October 3 and 4, 2023. Phileo’s global virtual event giving easy access to top talks from your own desk. Thanks to last year success, Phileo accelerates its focus on microbiota and invests in a virtual industry event taking place October 3 and 4, 2023. High level keynote speeches will be given by scientists from academia, institutes, and indu ...
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News published on July 25, 2023
Marcq-en-Baroeul, France (July 24, 2023). The vital role played by probiotics in maintaining an optimum poultry microbiome balance and the beneficial impact of the patented GO Technology® powered probiotic, Microsaf®, on the successful development of sustainable poultry production were two of the highlights presented to around 100 poultry professionals during a satellite symposium at ...
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Video published on February 20, 2023
Dr. Alain Riggi from Phileo by Lesaffre points out some trials on how Actisaf Sc 47 HR+ delivers positive effects on poultry production
Video published on February 20, 2023
Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+, which is a successful and valuable probiotic is now being released for use by the poultry industry. Hear What Dr. Alain Riggi from Phileo by Lesaffre has to say about it
Participation in Forum on February 3, 2023
George Entz, Hi, Selsaf 3000 standardized production process guarantees a high concentration of organic Se and a consistent active seleno-compound profile. Se content is always higher than 3000 ppm: 36% SeCys and other active seleno-compounds and 63% SeMet. More info on: Kind regards Alain
Participation in Forum on January 30, 2023
Hi, I am not talking about Vit E, but about Selenium enriched yeast. This is a source of organic Se, used in the prevention of the effects of oxidative stress. Vit E is involved in this process but we do not supply this product. The program we propose is the following:- Selsaf 3000 at 65 g/T (0.2 ppm organic Se in the feed) during the whole production cycle of the chickens- Safglucan at 125 g/T in ...
News published on January 24, 2023
Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ offers feed efficiency and performance benefits Phileo by Lesaffre announces the poultry sector launch of its successful Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ probiotic which will be unveiled at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta (January 24-26, 2023). Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+, which is a successful and valuable probiotic and ...
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