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That is not true. Matrix values express the amount of nutrients the manufacturer of an enzyme product believes the product can release. All enzymes are substrate specific, so the matrix value will be wrong if you add an enzyme in a diet with no substrate for that enzyme.
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Nelson Ruiz Dr. Ruiz, thank your for your salient and well documented comments. We know that fermented soybeans in the form of tofu are a staple in the diets of people around the world. Do you know of any work which has been done evaluating it’s feeding value in animal diets. In addition to the process potentially impacting TI, it is likely that there would be an effect on the carbohydrates in ...
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Dear Dr Fawad Khalil Organic acids that are used in animal nutrition are most effective at low pH. For this reason, its action is more efficient in the region close to the proventricle and decreases considerably in the duodenum where the pH is above 5. This is because the organic acids used in nutrition have pKa below 5, consequently the mixtures of these acids will be buffered in the intestinal ...
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Due to the vast expansion of poultry industry challenges also increases. One of them is the control of microbial population which is done by excessive use of therapeutics antibiotics and AGP’s. The indiscriminate use of these products results in the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Apart from resistance it also leads to public health concern. Due to this EU has banned the use of AGP&rsquo ...
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M. T. Kidd, I congratulate the team of researchers for the information contained in the article on the reduction of crude protein (CP) in poultry feed. Although the matter was well founded, I would like to make a consideration. In addition to what was discussed, which highlighted the complexity involved in reducing CP in poultry diets, including the need to include some amino acids considered non- ...
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Reena Rani L C very interesting topic. What is group opinion about inclusion of SPC (Soybean Protein Concentrate) in the initial diets of the birds as a strategy on removing the AGP?
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Dear Ruth, congratulations for the nice work. Microbiota modulation seems to be new sunrise of knowledge to go further on field perfomance and safety food. Have you seens some reduction or increment on Lactobacilae numbers, and how was the diverstiy? Cordially,
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Life Rainbow Biotech is a manufacturer of feed additives and was founded in 2006 by an expertise team with a goal to improve livestock animals ’performance and animal health control in natural way. Our philosophy “A natural way to health” makes us the right feed additive partner in supply chain. Our services have reached out to not only customers in Taiwan, but also in China and other well-known b ...
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Poultry is a homothermal animal, and its body covers with feathers to increase its cold resistance. However, Taiwan is an island that lies in the tropic of cancer, and the general climate is marine tropical. During summer, this mechanism is adverse to heat dissipation and causes heat stress.Heat stress is a familiar stress effect that will affect animals’ growth performance, productivity, an ...
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Oketch Elijah Ogola: As mentioned Soybean meal is the most widely used major protein source in poultry production across the world. And there are limited in the number of efficacious protein sources that successfully reduce soybean meal content. And now in many countries meat and bone meal/animal protein usage has been either stopped or been reduced significantly because of chances of microbial co ...
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