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Introduction: Poultry meat industry has been more dynamic than egg industry over these years. Broiler breeder companies are making every effort to produce progeny that produces higher (breast) meat yield, lower FCR and better weight gain. Consequent to faster growth rate, a part of the energy utilized in the past to maintain health and disease resistance is now diverted for higher gro ...
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Nestor Gonzalez, the levels of available phosphorus have not been established considering the economic aspect. The level of 0.464% of Pd would, in principle, be above the requirements of the pigs in the studied phase. An important aspect considered, was the maintenance of the ratio calcium: Pd of the rations
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Dear Dr. Stringhini et al., in my assessment your data on soybean meal quality are very interesting. Based on our experience, and considering also several reports in the scientific literature, the range of adequacy for KOH protein solubility in soybean meal is in the range of 80-85%. Your data based on the analysis of 283 samples from the commercial reality show that 52.64% of the samples or 189 o ...
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Atoxigenic molds to manage proliferation of toxigenic ones is a noble approach ( Even if the molds were genetically controlled and insect infestation managed (natural or pesticides), there is invivo nutrient decline in absence of moisture content management. Thus, there is triple effects of moisture content on quality of foodd/feeds.
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Those diets that Carlos Avilan presented in the forum have been used for more than three years and the results are excellent and the piglets are in good health and without any deficiencies. We only use dairy whey and soy protein and soy bean meal and corn and fortify with synthetic amino acids.
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In Nigeria here, we have successfully fed breeding, broiler and laying chickens with the processed leaf. Particularly, the leaf meal have been the partial or the main source of vitamin-mineral for the stocks. Leaf meal as sources of protein and fibre for pigs and poultry have been achieved too. You are free to explore our modest contributions here in Ibadan Varsity and other institutions here in N ...
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  What are the vegetable proteins? • Soy Protein 65% • Fermented soybean meal 54% • Extruded and micronized soybean meal 48% • Extruded whole Soy meal soy 36% • Potato protein 80% • Algae meal 55%   Animal protein is a feed ingredient of high quality and easily digestible, which is used as a supplement to diets for young animals. However, over ...
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What should producers know when it comes to selecting a protease enzyme to combat trypsin inhibitor? Hear what Raquel Araujo -Senior R&D Analyst, Novus International- said about this topic in the recent edition of IPPE 2020, in Atlanta, USA
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Dear Wijnen, Intestinal tract development increased in the last years, may be the faster organ in terms of developing and maturing. The rate of development between the two lines could expose more or less to oocystis cycle. Differences between behavior patterns, slow growth probably be more active regarding moving and peaking litter. Nutrients requirements and also allergenic and anti nutritional ...
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Gentlemen, just to add spice in the discussion we could also consider the microbiota as an important consumer of enzymes effects. Both phytases and carbohydrases will impact in the performance of established microbiota patterns, that seem to be specific to each production unit.
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