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Dr. Piotr Stanislawski shares his experience with Engormix members regarding the use of enzymes in poultry diets and gives his advice on how to do it properly.
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Congratulations to the whole group for such a good and modern research trial. Modeling Intestinal Microbiota is truly a light in the tunnel to build confidence in strong production. I would like to suggest maintaining the same nutrient ratio of Energy composition. Carbohydrates are probably the main substrate that sets the microbiota patterns.
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Great discussion! For the feeding aspects I would like to highlight that alergencics like Glicinine and Conglicinine could worst the challange to make coccidiosis vaccine effective.
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The efficiency of AMEn and TMEn utilization for NE in broiler dietsA YaghobfarAnimal Science Research Institute, I.R of Iran - Karaj, P. Box: 31585-1483, Email: yaghobfar@yahoo.com Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science. ISSN 1516-635X Jan - Mar 2016 / v.18 / n.1 / 047-056Abstract: The experiment was conducted to evaluate the feed intake, body weight ga ...
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Thank you very much Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh in my opinion non-linear formulation is the future of nutrition and will demonstrate to producers that the cheapest formulas are not necessarily the most profitable for the company and various ingredients that are discarded due to their high cost in linear programs will be used with good profitability in the future example: concentrated soy protein 90%, ...
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Thanks for the great fat digestibility overview. Dear Dr. Marchenkov, would be possible to modulate a microbiota profile toward a better fat digestability?
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Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna thanks for your kind words. Indeed, it is a challenge for the poultry industry trying to achieve or surpass the standard guides from the breeder companies. For that reason they, institutions, and Universities always are running broiler trials to fine tune the genetic progress. Further, these new changes are tested in large or medium poultry companies to later on apply ...
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Dr. Cerrate, Congratulations for the great information! Some producer claim that performance historic data is hard to maintaing in the search of better stantadarized and improved performance. How to maintain the eyes in both paths?
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That is not true. Matrix values express the amount of nutrients the manufacturer of an enzyme product believes the product can release. All enzymes are substrate specific, so the matrix value will be wrong if you add an enzyme in a diet with no substrate for that enzyme.
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Nelson Ruiz Dr. Ruiz, thank your for your salient and well documented comments. We know that fermented soybeans in the form of tofu are a staple in the diets of people around the world. Do you know of any work which has been done evaluating it’s feeding value in animal diets. In addition to the process potentially impacting TI, it is likely that there would be an effect on the carbohydrates in ...
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