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Frank Ivey (Feed2Gain) shares his experience and insights on diet changes, cost savings in formulations, as well as how the impact of enzymes is evaluated, in this Engormix interview.
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The enzyme products that have been developed are of great value to the broiler producer. We know commercial enzyme products release nutrients from the bulk ingredients that make the ingredients more valuable. Typically, a successful product improves value well beyond its cost. And we know that enzyme products named for the same enzyme can have other beneficial enzymes from the fermentation process ...
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Thanks for the great topic and content. Some doubts arise during the paper reading, it would be better to increase CP digestibility by reducing the antinutritional and allergenics, using ingredients like SPC (Soybean Protein Concentrate), or decrease CP by using "pure AA" to meet the regular requirements.A second question, regarding soluble fiber, would be better to reduce soluble fiber or take th ...
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This is an important issue. It will be interesting to see/hear how similar the results are from different laboratories using the proposed protocol when analysing the same mock communities or sample(s) in developing/validating the standardised methodology.
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Dear @Alvaro Dubois, the modern usage of enzymes from phytase up to muramidase faces two different perspectives for me: nutrient releases and antinutritional and allergenic mitigation effects.Nutrient Releases are not so complex as it is possible to take the information from the lab.Antinutritional effects reduction is more complex as even in large production units there are different sensibilitie ...
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Thanks for the great publications!The challenge of building a proper nutrient reduction is big.I got intrigued by the claim that Genetically improved Cereals make diets with less substrates to be degraded.Are used maize and soybean meal, special in terms of nutrients?Cordially,
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Dear @Alvaro Dubois, after a good calibration the growth prediction is one of the main features from growth models. Prediction makes possible set growth considering nutrients increase or decrease. When we added a group of enzymes and the performance is lower or high, this can be used to adjust the proper matrix for the group of enzymes together.Please send me an email, an ...
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@Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna Yes it is. It is not correct to use matrix indicators of individual enzymes, since in practice a mixture of enzymes is always used. For example, if you want to use only xylanase, then a reasonable question arises: does your feed consist of only wheat? And of course, it is wrong to simply use the sum of matrix values, since enzymes interact both with substrates and wit ...
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@Dr Piotr Stanislawski and Mr. Zakria, a precise matrix for a blend of enzymes is totally related to the measure of substrates and anti-nutritional elements in the feed, and it varies from one to another.The correlation of enzymes is an aspect that interferes in the performance results and gather this improvement is truly a challenge but possible with the growth model, it becomes more elucidative.
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Hi Pirzado M.ZakriaThere is a matrix for multienzymes use. The general rule is: minerals from Phytase, energy from NSP and protein from protease (as 100%). From other enzymes, we take 50-25%. This is a simplification, of course, and the composition must be considered individually. For exact calculation please ask the producer/distributor as DSM, Danisco, AB or Addiseo.
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