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Dr. Afrouziyeh has been of great service to provide a recipe and instruction for creating a non-linear least cost formulation for those that are less certain of the nutritional content of their feeds. The more variation one experiences in the ingredients they buy, the more chance there is, with linear programming, to reach a feed that fails dramatically, as Dr. Waldroup pointed out earlier. When u ...
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The gut is the most important organ when it comes to converting expensive feed into meat. Microbiota stabilization is central to the health of the digestive system. Therefore keeping good gut health in broiler chicken always profitable.
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Excellent discussion. I just wanted to mention that today there are massive sequencing technologies to study the entire intestinal flora at a certain time and without the need for cultures. This will allow us to understand the microbiological responses to the action of food and additives.
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My suggestion is screening the particular microbiota of each production complex and correlate higher and lower performance with the patterns.Doing it with feaces could help to understand why the microorganisms are there.Feaces is part of our production and we do not go deep in understanding the most inoculation power in the whole system.
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During fermentation, the material gets wet and will require a process to get it dried. This may involve additional costs and concomitant problems of improper drying like fungus contamination will open new areas. Reduction in antinutrients and increasing the nutrient availability is a welcome finding in the study.
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Gonzalo Gonzalez Mateos, this is an interesting and timely article. I fully agree that classifying the fibrous material of a food, based on crude fiber (FB), which is routinely used, is not the most correct. In the case of ruminants, there would be no major complications, because all dry matter ingested initially passes through the rumen fermentation chamber. In the monogastric, the fibrous materi ...
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Thanks for the great insight Dr. Francisco. Recently we observed some higher performance on challenged trial, when the presence bacteria of Akkermansia muciniphila is higher. Have you observed this bacteria? Best regards,
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Dear Prof. Donzele. Please be aware that creatine content of all forms of animal byproducts is EXTREMELY variable; C of V for fish meal approaches 100%. Whilst we do indeed need to progress to a situation where we define an actual creatine requirement for all classes of vertebrate livestock, reliance on animal byproducts should account for this extreme variability. MPS
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Dr. Joran Verspreet, understanding that the material presented represents a summary of the results obtained in the work, I think it would have been important to report that the improvement in the performance of the chickens, due to the addition of enzyme, would also be related to the positive changes of the microbiota as a result of hydrolysis of fiber of complex structure with oligosaccharide pro ...
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PLF would move the industry towards a sustainable production taking three main pillars of sustainability (environment, economy, and society including animal welfare) into consideration.
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