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Dear Dr. Stringhini et al., in my assessment your data on soybean meal quality are very interesting. Based on our experience, and considering also several reports in the scientific literature, the range of adequacy for KOH protein solubility in soybean meal is in the range of 80-85%. Your data based on the analysis of 283 samples from the commercial reality show that 52.64% of the samples or 189 o ...
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Well, interesting, but I am not so optimistic: as I am from the country of limestone - Italy - I well know how large the variation in Ca digestibility can be among various geological origins of limestone, even without mentioning the particle size issue...The other question of giving Phytase a Ca value or not, in my experience when many years ago in Europe we started to give a Ca value to Natuphos ...
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Talking poultry, could we use it in place of the usual DL-Methionine to slow down the speed at which DL is digested (in order to accommodate for a better pattern of AA being absorbed, thus reducing Meth breakdown)? I always wondered about the possible advantages of peptides made by the added synthetic AA.Thanks to who can respond!
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