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Mohammad Afrouziyeh
1. Research Associate at Poultry Innovation Partnership, University of Alberta 2. Animal Feed Formulation 3. Technical service to the poultry industry
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Dr. Susan Watkins, Professor at the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas, speaks about the importance of drinking water quality in poultry production during her visit to Argentina, invited by Alltech.
Participation in Forum on September 4, 2023
Great topic and well said! Since each farm has a unique water supply and system, producers need access to more than just a “chart” of facts but rather a systematic decision process that will lead them through understanding their specific issues and needs and provide them with the information and tools to make sound decisions based on the most current scientific knowledge available. Poultry Innova ...
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Dr. Mário Penz (Cargill) discusses the consequences of not managing water properly and the different factors to consider regarding its quality, during this Engormix interview.
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Hello Alvaro:In this study, we made the decision to use an available P level that would be based on a consistent standard - the breed management guide. Arguments can be made (and I make this argument on a regular basis) that in general, management guides recommend available P well in excess of the actual hen requirements. However, the guide is a consistent standard or point of reference. In our cu ...
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Nelson Ruiz, I'm from Canada. Diets in the East are corn/soymeal based, but where I'm at in western part it's wheat/corn/soymeal/ HF canola meal, most of the times. When diets drop below 20% soymeal, >20 days, the growth of the broilers tends to slow down. There are some AA's not accounted for because they are too expensive to add. I will look back in the diets and see if I find a correlat ...
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A quite interesting study. I wish to get involved and keep abreast of innovation in poultry.
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This app is practical, easy to use and worth it. Well done.
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Water is a fascinating subject. I would like to caution that in not all circumstances will decreasing water PH along with essential oils eliminate pathogens (e-coli, etc..) . If your sanitation program is failing (due to application, dose, resistance etc..) then the problem of having bacteria present will accelerate with adding any organic substances. One also must be careful that the product do ...
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Mohammad Afrouziyeh makes an excellent point. One really needs to consider the impact of an enzyme on the individual ingredients. Not an easy thing to do but it will maximize the value of the enzyme.
Video published on March 23, 2023
Mohammad Afrouziyeh (University of Alberta / Poultry Innovation Partnership) shares his recommendations and insights on water quality, as well as a new tool to control it, during this Engormix interview.
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