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Very useful and clear information.Thanks.
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Both forms of phosphorus- inorganic like Aliphos and organic from plants are important. Organic (from phytates ) form is now highly "extracted" by using phytase. It gives quite important dose of dietary phosphorus we need in feeds. But usually is not enough and we add usually few kg/t feed inorganic phosphorus (eg.broiler feed). Different situation we have in countries using MBM or even just bone ...
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Emad Elgazzar WHY DECREASE OIL CONTENT? Oils have a lower Heat Increment than both proteins and carbohydrates. They also facilitate production of a denser ration, which can compensate for reduced feed intake.
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Dear colleagues! In my opinion, there is no universal scheme for prophylactics of coccidiosis for all farms. Each farm has its own scheme. And in each case there are individual dependencies. We have experience in the prevention of coccidiosis for 20 years, and very rarely there are similar situations. Therefore in each case it is necessary to understand separately. For example, I am convinced that ...
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Heat stress results in respiratory alkalosis leading to excessive loss of Carbon dioxide due to open mouth breathing. CO2 released comes from two sources 1) breakdown of Carbonic acid and 2) Oxidation of simple sugar (glucose).Carbonic acid breakdown can be compensated with addition of Sodi bicarb.Dietary electrolyte balancing will involve optimal addition of salt so that value for Sodium and Chlo ...
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Use vitamin C, bicarbonates in water. Cut down high protein diet in day time. Proper ventilation. Respiratory soothing agents like eucalyptus oil, peppermint, menthol should be given in day time.
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Dr zeeshan awan what about the osmoprotection with betaine? weight gain -this is the result of methionine sparring; can replace 15-20% dietary Meth. I usually advice betaine as osmoregulator for heat stress period.
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Bataine is must to reduce heat stress
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Dear all, apart from adittion of Vitamin C, and bicarbonate already mentioned, it is important birds affected by heat stress don't dehydrate and restore the electrolytic balance. This can be done with the addition in water also of Betaine combined with electrolytes. By this way as betaine is an osmolyte, we can increase water consumption with electrolytes but at the same time retaining water in ...
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Woo Kyun Kim (University of Georgia) explained the effects of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 on layer bone structural development, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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