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Thang Le- you should not to notice any difference with proper recalculation betaine inclusion Anhydrous is noticed to be slightly better for osmotic stress because of its polarisation Correct a bit Cl in your feed If required for proper electrolitic balance
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Dear Fatai Adeyemi Visau, we have not much info re.your layers performance; egg production,age,temperature,maintenence etc. It is difficult to advice you the solution. I am sure that there are no additives (even betaine) that help you in case your feed formula is disballanced. You should start with the proper diet. Then,of course some additives are adviced to improve already good results. Betaine ...
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Dr. Vijay Swami as I know protease doesn't show negative results in higher dose. But the negative is that it doesn't show positive results if protein/AA in feed are high; simply not substrate/space to improve.
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A work published in 2017 (Santos et al., 2017) showed there is no additivity in the combination of phytase superdosing, xylanase and protease. Something to take into account when formulating diets and accept that having more enzymes in the formula does not mean they are going to work with the same efficiency. There is a nutrient limitation as key nutri ...
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Kapil Manwal It is not ONLY for SBM and trypsin inhibitor. Protease increase all AA/protein digestability from ALL protein sources. The "uplift" is not equall for each AA and each RM, of course.
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Pirzado M Zakria Using "cocktail" of some enzymes there is not additive effect. As the general rule, NSP are calculated as 100% for energy, phytase 100% for minerals and protease 100% for protein/AA (I mean 100% as declared). Other effect of all enzymes are calculated partly or neglected (eg. AA for NSP or energy for phytase). This is not just simple adding. Each enzyme company have own research a ...
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Luciano Andriguetto Protease is used to increase AA digestability (by 3-5% average) in the diet. It is not only SBM. The additional (side) effect is to deactivate tripsin inhibitors if SBM is not enough toasted/too low temperature. For "properly" toasted SBM the additional effect is not required. But protease-exogenous is still active and required for SBM and other proteins sources to increase the ...
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Sadaqat there are matrixes for NSP enzymes used by part of nutritionists/companies. In practice we use usually at least 2 enzymes: carbohydrase (xylanase and/or glucanase) and phytase. Then using matrix for phytase we add only ME uplift for cereals with carbohydrase ( eg.5-6% for wheat and/or 8% for barley).Other nutrients for carbohydrases are neglected.
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov Matrix value/correction factors - doesn't matter the name. But the values contribution from enzyme activity is a must for nutritionists. We can't neglect the nutrients improvement (more avP, Ca, ME) adding enzymes.For many cases adding enzymes "on top" is not helping, even negative. If you don't calculate eg. Ca reached from phytates then your Ca is too high vs,P (disballance) a ...
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Hello again. Respecting all opinions, from my experience, I would certainly use a tot Ca value as a matrix - the phytase has an sparing effect of Ca by avoiding its chelation to the phytate-, but then for the rest of the ingredients I would add to the existing tot Ca, a new value - identical to the total Ca-, called "label", "analytical"..., you name it. After the LCF exercise, you´ll get the solu ...
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