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Dr. Megharaja Manangi, senior research scientist at Novus International, discussed how producers can improve feed durability and cut costs through post-pellet fat application during the annual International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) at IPPE 2019.
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The Importance of Early Chick Nutrition. Key Facts :- 1. After hatch, chicks have an anatomically complete but physiologically weal GIT resulting in inefficient feed utilization and an unstable microflora. 2. The post-hatch period is critical in bird life because the digestive system is activating itself which hampers the digestion & absorption of nutrients. 3. Early chick feeding with highly dige ...
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Congratulations Professor Kelley Wamsley
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Novus International, Inc., each year presents a top researcher educator with high honors during the Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting. This year’s Novus Teaching Award recipient is Kelley Wamsley. Wamsley is an associate professor in the Department of Poultry Science at Mississippi State University. There she teaches courses on feed manufacturing, broiler production, and po ...
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ABTL being a fermentation company have chosen to use fermentation technology as a tool respond in order to produce “BEST BIOAVAILABLE PROTEIN” and would like to introduce “BEST-PRO” as a formidable alternative based on merits as listed below: 1] Hydrolysed bioavailable protein source. 2] Immunomodulation. 3] Enhancing gut health to support optimization of nutrient intake. “BEST-PRO” has a uniq ...
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Bayram Koc In comparison to concentrated soya, fermented soya increases protein levels in final product and has higher portions of amino acids and small peptides which easily get absorbed in GIT. BEST-PRO has 70% peptide protein with more than 95% bio-availability.
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Whenever feed is contaminated with mycotoxins, the risk of necrotic enteritis increases. The solution to this challenge is a combination of mycotoxin risk management and the reinforcement of gut health.
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Effect of Heat Stress on Poultry:-1. Heat Stress is one of the most common environmental challenges to the poultry worldwide.2. During heat stress, elevation of corticosterone level accelerates the generation of free radicals and suppresses the immune response.3. Heat Stress in summer leads to reduce feed consumption, lower body weight gain, and higher feed conversion.4. Heat Stress results in imm ...
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Peter van Horne (Wageningen Economic Research) mentions the need to discuss more of the issues (costs, environment, price, etc.) that arise with this change in poultry production.
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Melanie Roux, Sr. Poultry Technical Services Manager at Novus International, speaks about the main problems that poultry producers face in the Americas when trying to maximize profitability and how MINTREX® bis-chelated trace minerals can help
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