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I will recommend Post IBH/HP and other diseases, work on liver rejuvenation. The liver is severely damaged and post disease remaining flocks' growth is an important factor to overcome more losses. As the liver is damaged it will not allow the bird to recover. To help the birds which have survived the IBH outbreak, Livervital can surely support their livers to recover quickly. The combination of ...
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DR. Gowda is absolutely right in giving the jist to a profitable poultry business. Intestinal health along with good management practice should be the priority. For good intestinal health, the selection of feed supplements in combination with liquid supplements should be very carefully selected.
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Use killer vaccination at day 2 @.2% per bird, as a preventive measure. Must be done in your presence. Once IBH disease has come as an corrective measure use Livervital @5/10 ML per bird for improving liver function and liver regeneration. Use Lemmox (Stabilised clo2) on live birds and floor for curtailing the viral spread out.
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True Dr Fiodor. Microbial Xylanase is more suitable for its advantages. Along with Xylanase, a protease with the mannan may cover up a vast range of NSPs,
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It's a good start for working on protein and fiber to improve the profit. I am sure commercial must have been calculated with change from the regular diet.
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I agree with Juarez Donzele, about requirement of protein and even energy for the birds. The standars of Protein and Energy requires to be studied for a revision. Excess of protein becames food for the pathogen and energy protein is excreted out in good%. Litter is required to be checked for the nutritional loss.
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Great outcome of the nutrition reduction (Low Protein Diet) and getting the same performance.Reduction of protein is 3 point basis or app. 90 kgs of Soya. At 1 point reduction, there is the possibility of adding any GUT health product, with no cost addition, at its full strength, which will support the digestion and strong immunity.With 3 point reduction of protein, will reduce the nitrogen load a ...
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Thank you so much Melina. It is interesting product and promising too.
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Melina, its a wonderful research, congratulations and all the best for your MOS. I am sure the mechanism explained, will help farmers against Salmonella. I have very basic question on some of more prevalent diseases, can they be protected with the MOS? Can MOS help or with MOS, is there possibility of reducing Protein or Energy to improve the birds performance and at the same time, cost additio ...
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Dr. Doug Korver,Is there any role of Trace Minerals and Vitamins for skeletal formation in rearing period of Laying Birds and in the Old age birds?
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