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Hiren Pancholi
Graduation in human science
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Graduation in human science
Participation in Forum on July 20, 2024
@Gene Pesti Sir, Do you think/advise adding liquid minerals with copper will be helpful to the birds?
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Protein quality of the soybean meal is the result of amino acid present in the meal and the portion in the bioavailable form to the animals. While intending to utilize the same for monogastric animals, it has to be properly heat processed so as to minimize the anti nutritional effect and thereby increasing the digestibility of amino acids present in the meal. At the same time as known to everyone, ...
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Hello Alvaro:In this study, we made the decision to use an available P level that would be based on a consistent standard - the breed management guide. Arguments can be made (and I make this argument on a regular basis) that in general, management guides recommend available P well in excess of the actual hen requirements. However, the guide is a consistent standard or point of reference. In our cu ...
Participation in Forum on September 2, 2023
To stabilize the price, which is profitable to the growers, consumption should be increased with deep distribution and export options should be considered strongly.Reaching out to distant places and to the villages, with proper chain systems (cola companies are easily reaching out) is most important.Cold chains for the produce and ready-to-eat chicken will be most important. The Poultry Associatio ...
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Citric acid has the lowest power against a lot of bacteria. It is even used to feed them in fermentation units. There is much more powerful once. In the body Citric acid has functions and not one of them is described as killing bacterias. The mode of action is fully different. Citric acid is often used as it is the easiest to transport and often much cheaper than a lot of other acids and i ...
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dan hofer: I have two comments: 1. Citric acid helps remove buildup scale from water lines after removing slime but should not be used as a cleaner. 2. water systems must be cleaned appropriately between flocks. Otherwise, if yeasts and fungi are present in the water line during the flock, water additive products such as acids and performance enhancers will create favorable conditions for their gr ...
Participation in Forum on March 10, 2023
Use stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. It clears the algae from the pipeline and removes the protein deposits which are not harmful but block the nipple. Kills all the organisms and even you can spray on the birds to remove the biological load on the body of the birds. Good results.
Participation in Forum on March 9, 2023
Dr. Gunasekharan, Very good information for the poultry farmers. Thanks. In India at present time easy availability of good ingredient is a big issue. Choice of rejection is not there any more, even with the higher rates/kgs. Farmers are at cross road where taking a right decision is difficult but not impossible. Farmers have limited choice over ...
Participation in Forum on November 1, 2022
Elizabeth Anyasodo Nkiruka Gram/Day or Gram/Bird will be good as an indication but important will be GUT health, good gut health will convert the Gram/Day or Gram/bird into extra body weight without the incidences of diseases.
Participation in Forum on October 7, 2022
Everything is boiled down to per kg cost of feed. When the price of DOC are high or when the price was stabilised at 30/32 or even when i entered poultry DOC was 12/-, the 2 things remained constant even today, 1 Price increase of raw material (natural phenomena) and thinking of poultry people of reducing the cost at all the levels, from rs. 12/ of DOC and even today at Rs. 50/52. Farmers focus ...
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