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Melina, its a wonderful research, congratulations and all the best for your MOS. I am sure the mechanism explained, will help farmers against Salmonella. I have very basic question on some of more prevalent diseases, can they be protected with the MOS? Can MOS help or with MOS, is there possibility of reducing Protein or Energy to improve the birds performance and at the same time, cost additio ...
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Dr. Doug Korver,Is there any role of Trace Minerals and Vitamins for skeletal formation in rearing period of Laying Birds and in the Old age birds?
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Water Treatment with stabilized CLO2 is more effective. It works under wide Ph range of from 3 to 10. It is superior to chlorine when Ph is above 7. It does not hydrolyze in water so its germicidal activity is constant over wide Ph range.It is effective on bacteria, spores, virus, fungus and Algae (bio-film).It does not change the taste of water.
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It is a good and informative article. The dose of products plays an important role in the growth of the birds. The dose is not clear as far as Organic minerals are concerned.
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Very Good Article, summer is approaching and all water born diseases will start showing up. CD is a wonderful water disinfection at low dosage. It is economical and effective only precaution is that you must use right precaution in selecting CD, must go for the stabilized CD in place of generic CD available in the market. Any support on CD, please do contact.
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Bio Security, Water Sanitation, specially bio-film in pipe lines, is very important. Right selection of animal source of protein to avoid disease transfer to the bird. Right selection of Plant source specially toxins free and claimed value for protein must be checked, otherwise nutrition will become imbalanced. Good Acidifiers to take care of pathogens in the crop and small intestine and higher ...
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To control the LPAI Bio Security should be of prime importance, Vaccination and management must be seriously followed. Feed supplement specially Esterified Butyrine (EB) in daily ration has major role in prevention of Salmonella and Ecoli. EB with trieaster has very strong antimicrobial activitythroughout the digestive system up to caeca. EB strenghtens the tight Juntion, there by increasing bari ...
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Reasons for High Mortality in Broiler, is it because of external diseases (bio Security) load or deficiency in balanced feed formulation. Role of Feed Supplements on Broil;er performance, particularly Sodium Butyrate..
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Antibiotic free Poultry is the demand because of incidences found in human being and not good for future generation. Anti biotic free poultry should be thought of and must be initiated in phases with continuous trial and error. Countries where AGPs are banned are successfully running their business of Poultry, an effort is required for the withdrawal and more challenges we have in India because o ...
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Dr Kula, this is a gr8 idea of drying down the litter and at te temperature of 60 degree + bacteria will also dye. For the technique you have given, products are availabe which will take the temperature to 80 degree + and the waiting period can also be reduced to half. Hiren Pancholi India 9371061789
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