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Dr Pooja Bhardwaj
M.V.Sc (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
Sales & Marketing professional having an educational background in veterinary science & animal husbandry, communication, and marketing management. Worked in sales, marketing, domestic and internationa
M.V.Sc (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
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The organic acids and their salts or simply acidifiers play an important role in gut health in animals. The acidifiers could be used to favourably manipulate the intestinal microbial populations, improve the immune response, and perform a bactericidal activity in countering pathogenic bacteria. Acidifiers also improve the digestibility and absorption of nutrients. However, their effect will not be ...
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You mentioned hepato or liver tonic compatible with choline; Most of some samples in our country (Burkina Faso) are not choline tolerated. In that kind of situation, a shuttle program will be suitable? choline free feed on and after treatment choline feed? Thank you very much BAWINDSOMDE
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Nice piece of information, doc!
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Dr. Amit Kumar Pandeythanks doc
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Nice information compile together. Thanks Dr. Pooja
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Asif M. Cheema Thanks
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Dr Pooja Bhardwaj, Thank you very much, have a very nice time. Hope to see your more useful articles in future.
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Asif M. CheemaThanks Sir
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Dr. Pooja It is very nice informative article. Dr. Asif M. Cheema
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One of the greatest challenges to production facing poultry farmers in India is heat stress and the strain that it causes to the bird. Climatic conditions in India are such there is intense radiant energy for an extended period of time. Poultry create a large quantity of metabolic heat and accumulate additional heat from radiant energy. Heat production and accumulation, coupled with compromised co ...
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