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M.V.Sc (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
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Thanks for your question Mr Asad. Though I am not the expert but try to attempt it. As per some studies its 3.48–3.80 g dLys/Mcal (Lysine requirements of young broiler chickens areaffected by level of dietary crude protein by M. Urdaneta et al, 2005)The Lysine ratio in the feed depends upon crude protein%, various protein sources of the diet and least control by energy. Lysine requirement in ...
Article published the August 31, 2021
Improving poultry meat quality along with cutting down the cost of production has been one of the major objectives of most farmers and nutritionists. To achieve this objective, several strategies have been adopted, one of which is dietary energy management. Energy is the foremost important and largest part of poultry feed. This energy is either comes from grains like corn, wheat, soy, etc or throu ...
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Article published the July 7, 2020
Interesting facts The presence of fat in the diet inhibits the synthesis of fat from carbohydrates. The final composition of body fat is a pondered average among the fat produced endogenously from glucose, the quantity and composition of the fatty acids in the diet and the fat resulting from catabolism through b-oxidation (Ajuyah et al., 1991; Ferreira, 1999, Sanz et al., 2000b). Female br ...
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Nice article Dr, I would like to know more about the age associated problems at field condition in Layers. Could you please share your experience on this topic?
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Very nice article, sir. Please help me to understand what is chloride load in poultry and its ill effects?
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High ambient temperatures coupled with high humidity can be devastating to commercial broilers. Heat stress interferes with the broiler´s comfort and suppresses productive efficiency. Although increased heat is seen as a major problem in poultry production, studies show that it is not only the excessively high temperatures, but also the fluctuation of the temperature which is more detrimenta ...
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Summary Fat in the poultry body is coming either through feed or through de novo lipogenesis from unused carbohydrates. Gross energy value of fats and oils is 2.25 times more than starch; Therefore, fat metabolism is very crucial for poultry. LIPC also called hepatic lipase is a key enzyme in the liver responsible to break fat into fatty acids. Fatty acids from adipose tissues travel through the ...
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Rezaul Kabir thanks
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Really very very informative publication.
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Very informative, thanks.
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