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Prolapse can be prevented by good management in rearing period. Reaching body target body weight in 5-6 weeks age is the first step in the prevention of prolapse, and body weight and uniformity in 15-13 weeks age (skeletal uniformity) is another important step to preventing it. Early sexual maturation which reproductive organ oviduct is not fully completed especially with a not uniform flock in 15 ...
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Hi to allSir, primarily for prolapse only the reason is rearing if we not attain the weight at perfect period or time, I hope there is no any treatment during prod. period only we can check by providing calcium tab & minerals for a week in months.
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Prolapse can be due to management failure like target body wt ,uniformity, of 10th wk and 16th week and few pathological conditions like worms, enteritis, may be due to calcium and phosphorus balance in ration, and last but not the least, a fat accumulations inside the body, but apart from these one of the most important reason that we observed in india is less insoluble fiber content in your feed ...
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Over the past decades, genetic improvements have stimulated broiler production resulting in birds weighing ± 3kg in 42 d. To reach this genetic potential, the absorption and digestion of nutrients and according morphological and functional development of the small intestine in the early life must be impeccable. Before hatch, uptake of nutrients by the chicken embryo is limited but rapid inc ...
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DR ABUBAKAR GENE Mostly for Broiler prestarter Cp%/ ME kcal kg 22.5 / 3000 with Digestible lysine 1.25% proportionally adjust rest essential 7-8 amino acids, for starter 22/ 3100 dig Lysine 1.20 % and for finisher 21/ 3250 Digestible Lysine 1.15 % this will give better response around 1.49-1.5 FCR using corn soya based diet.
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