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Very good article.
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To Dr Asim - What about using sodium bi carbonate in summer stress?
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Absolutely correct comment about synthetic betaine. In fact sometimes synthetic betaine may cause more harm if the chloride content is too high. Not only that, if betaine with high chloride content is kept mixed with premixes then it may cause severe damage to the premix. The main constraint towards usage of natural betaine is the price - probably. However, if synthetic betaine with low chloride c ...
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Nice article about chicken product Dr Sharma. Indeed informative for all concerned. Thanks.
Article published the May 14, 2012
High ambient temperatures coupled with high humidity can be devastating to commercial broilers. Heat stress interferes with the broiler´s comfort and suppresses productive efficiency. Although increased heat is seen as a major problem in poultry production, studies show that it is not only the excessively high temperatures, but also the fluctuation of the temperature which is more detrimenta ...
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News published on May 6, 2010
1) Which is the most debated issue nowadays in Poultry Nutrition? Which is your opinion about it? I think the most debated issue nowadays in poultry is the use of antimicrobial drugs as feed additive. We all understand what the demerits are of using these antimicrobial feed additives but still we are not in a position to give up their usage voluntarily. I believe that the use of antimicrobials c ...
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Article published the May 4, 2010
Importance of chromium as a dietary supplement Reducing stress in poultry remains a topic of concern amongst producers and scientists. An increased concentration of glucose in blood and a decreased protein level are associated with stress induction along with an increase in circulatory cortisol level. A temperature >30oC represents a heat-stressed condition for birds and is one of the most com ...
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The main thing in formulating a dietary regimen is to facilitate an optimum partitioning of nutrients including that of fats. The author is absoultely right in saying that the broiler chickens are not capable of digesting the fats in an early age. Yes, they become able to digest fat only after an age of 50 days or so - means their life span is over by that time. So we need to think of making the f ...
Article published the April 27, 2010
Antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) have been an integral part of the poultry feed industry for more than fifty years. However, a search for the alternatives to the AGPs has been initiated since their prolonged use has precipitated some problems such as development of resistant strains within groups of primary pathogens or opportunistic bacteria and break down of the symbiosis between the animal an ...
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