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Dr. Mallmann, good to see your video with my Indian friends. Also read about your discovery on the use of NIR for mycotoxin analysis in some of the grains and grain by-products. How much it is reliable? The correlations you might have developed work under all the conditions? Please share if there is any peer-reviewed publication on this. Thanks
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This publication does not help much now as this was done in 2009.
Article published the March 14, 2016
Optimisation of technical and economic performance in modern broiler production is a complex matter which increasingly requires a revaluation and reframing of what is perceived to be possible through nutrition and management.   Reframing to deliver on genetic potential and global demands Few would have thought in the 1950’s that we would see a fourfold increase in weight of commercia ...
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Thank you Sonia for this complex yet important topic. Are there any commercial statistical tools such as SAS to analyse such data?
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Nice article. I liked the phrase that bt corn is not a silver bullet for controlling mycotoxins. The combination of genetic, agricultural, managemental and nutritional interventions are necessary to control mycotoxin issues.
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