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Participation in Forum on November 17, 2023
Congratulations Mr.O P Singh for your Excellent Performance
Participation in Forum on October 31, 2023
for years i have seen and heard him and there is no comparison.He is really hard working and an expert in mycotoxins. We wish him well and many more years of his studies, research and success.
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Johan De Schepper -Agrifirm- spoke to Engormix during IPPE 2020 about Agrimprove and the plans for 2020 to the animal nutrition industry, as well as on the integration between Agrimprove and Special Nutrients.
Participation in Forum on March 28, 2023
Very well explained by O P Singh How to go forward is the issue
Participation in Forum on December 2, 2022
The best solution to overcome threat from Mycotoxins is to use Mycotoxin Binders from Special Nutrients and found quite effective by major companies like Venkys
Participation in Forum on August 20, 2022
Are the products established and if in which count
A R Hari Rao likes the video:
"Based on various studies we have conducted, MINTREX® itself can reduce the incidence of wooden breast in broiler birds," said Vivek Kuttappan
Participation in Forum on March 14, 2022
It was very difficult and almost impossible for almost 2 years to get entry into Venkys and finally Sathya organised a meeting with the Chairperson after which we worked hard to get first few fcls and then progressed thanks to Fernando's continued technical support. Now Eddie gives good support for increasing the volumes.
Participation in Forum on March 11, 2022
congrats DR Roselina Angel
Participation in Forum on February 28, 2022
Delayed what is the delay period to affect
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