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DR.DZ you are just 70 young and active take a leaf from Trump and his cabinet they are starting an active life at 70 and 70+ If Trump reads your remark he wil ask you to continue in SN for another 3 to 5 years. In Delhi we have a Supreme Court lawyer -Ram Jethmalani 93 and still quite analytical and argue cases in the High Court and Supreme court but very high paid. The secret is as he says tak ...
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Dr.DZ is a committed professional with extensive knowledge and was an asset to Special Nutrients. I wish him well althoguh I feel he could have retired after 2 years in 2019!
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Congrats Fernando Your pioneering efforts in introducing and consolidating a machless mycotoxin binder(s) supported by continuing research and field studies across the continents have helped the poultry,dairy and aqua industry in combating issues arising out of mycotoxin menace. We wish you well and your continued support to the industry.
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