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Wooden breast as a main meat quality problem

Published: August 8, 2019
"Based on various studies we have conducted, MINTREX® itself can reduce the incidence of wooden breast in broiler birds," said Vivek Kuttappan
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Vivek Kuttappan
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Raquel Araujo
Robert Alber
Alzchem Group AG
15 de febrero de 2021
Dear Vivek, we have conducted quite some research, trials and customer interviews on this topic. I agree with you that wooden breast is an important issue and can be an important cost factor. We found a correlation between bird weight and WB. As a tendency once you are beyond 2,2kg birds, likelihood of WB increases. Furtherly we found correlations between low muscle creatine levels and WB. By supplementing creatine in the form of Creamino (GAA), you can reduce WB. (we have studies and trials proving this. See as well Aviagen BMM, 2019, p30). There is surely no silver bullet for this topic, but a smart combination of additives (trace minerals, GAA, …) clearly helps to substantially reduce the impact of WB. br Robert
Khaled Fadlallah
24 de enero de 2020

Very good.

Oluwatosin.Kennedyok Oko
26 de enero de 2020
The topic is very educative and informative
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