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AlzChem, is a German specialty chemicals producer, founded in 1908 AlzChem is the leading western creatine producer of creatine for human sports, fitness and nutrition since the 1990s. Since 2011 AlzChem sells creatine in the form of GAA (Creamino®) to the animal nutrition markets. AlzChe...
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What if we can enrich the embryo already with a quickly available energy source to better secure hatching and the first days in the life? This is possible by feeding the broiler breeder hen with a source of creatine. Creatine might ring a bell to many, as taking creatine as a supplement is very popular among athletes to gain muscle, enhance strength and improve exercise performance. Creatine ...
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Dear Mr. Yaghobfar, Thank you for this very interesting article. We see as well very promising effects of GAA in hens and hatchability. The current “breeder crisis” surely needs good solutions for its challenges. Br Robert
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IntroductionIn late years, genetic studies on broiler chickens for selection of traits such as high growth rate and larger size of the body shows there is a negative correlation between reproductive traits and increasing yield. So that's in the roosters, physiological disorders like decreased libido, decreased mating numbers and reduced sperm production have increased (Dawkins and Layton, 2012 ...
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Dear Minichle Yigrem Gedamu thanks for asking. We have discovered further interesting benefits beyond muscle development, like for instance heat stress mortality reduction. We are present and active in your area. I will put you in contact with my responsible colleague. br Robert
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It could be argued that animal nutrition as a global industry really kicked off when the idea of selling supplements to better balance out the nutritional values of feedstuffs began. Clearly, it was a landmark development.Another transformative moment came when the industry began to refine the concept of what it meant to keep an animal health, and to better understand how the proper functioning of ...
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Dear KootThanks for contacting us. Our partner in South Africa is Philagro. They will contact you right awayBest regards,Robert.
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Dear Vivek, we have conducted quite some research, trials and customer interviews on this topic. I agree with you that wooden breast is an important issue and can be an important cost factor. We found a correlation between bird weight and WB. As a tendency once you are beyond 2,2kg birds, likelihood of WB increases. Furtherly we found correlations between low muscle creatine levels and WB. By s ...
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This is true, but there are two problems: 1) the levels of creatine in animal based feedstuff vary a lot and are by no means reliable => you never know what you get 2) creatine decomposes at temperatures above 60°C, so even if creatine is present in theses sources, it will be destroyed in feed production. This is why we invented (and patented) GAA as alternative. GAA is heat and moisture stable ...
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After several years of relatively low corn and soybean meal prices, recent increases have commercial nutritionists and livestock producers looking at various methods to offset the impact of rising feed prices. If finished product prices stay constant and you are getting full benefit from your least cost formulation software, what other strategies are available? At Alzchem we are seeing an increase ...
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Prof. Juarez Donzele, obrigado por levantar este aspecto interessante. Em princípio, o mecanismo GAA/Creatine é bastante independente dos rácios de aminoácidos e das interdependências nestas. Embora, por exemplo, acrescentar Arginina seja muito provável que tenha um impacto sobre as proporções Arginina/Lisina e outros equilíbrios, GAA é em grande parte inerte a estes sistemas. No entanto, ele semp ...
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