Article published the November 26, 2020
Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) as a source of creatine. 1. Creatine is a naturally occurring component in the body of animals and is a critical component in energy metabolism. 2. In contrast to other nutrients, creatine is stored in the muscle and directly reloads ATP for energy supply to the muscle. This is particularly important during periods of high energy demand and prevents the formation of re ...
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Article published the July 7, 2017
The human health benefits of dietary selenium (Se) and iron (Fe) are well established (Rayman, 1997; Kristensen et al., 2005).  Meat and meat products are primary sources of dietary Se and iron for humans. Pork from Se and Fe supplemented pigs may provide an additional source of these nutrients. However, the effects of supplementation of Se and iron on their status in muscles and effects on p ...
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Article published the November 4, 2016
1. Introduction Wheat is one of the most variable in composition among cereal grains (Choct et al., 1999a). These differences are exacerbated by the environmental conditions under which the grains are grown (Longstaff and MacNab, 1986). A review by van Barneveld (1997) using past data for more than 70 cultivars of wheat found differences of up to 3.7 MJ/kg dry matter (DM) in d ...
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Article published the April 17, 2015
I. INTRODUCTION Sorghum is used, either partially or entirely, as the cereal grain base in Australian pig and poultry diets but it has been associated with sub-optimal broiler growth performance (Selle et al., 2010, Liu et al., 2013). Cereal grains of different varieties and from different locations may be blended into poultry diets but varying the inclusion rate of one feed ingredient will spon ...
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Article published the June 17, 2014
Spray-dried blood plasma is a highly digestible protein source containing immunoglobulins, growth factors, biologically active peptides, enzymes and other factors that are biologically active in the gut. Bovine SDP has been shown to produce improved growth rate, feed intake, feed efficiency and produce superior breast yield in broilers. Porcine SDP has been used in piglet starter diets to improve ...
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Article published the May 24, 2014
Natural betaine has two roles in nutrition. As an osmoregulator it can protect cell enzymes systems and membranes from ionic inactivation during stress. As a methyl donor via transmethylation, it is more effective than other potential methyl group donors such as methionine and choline (Eklund et al., 2005). Natural betaine has been shown to benefit parameters such as bodyweight gain, feed conversi ...
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Article published the November 12, 2012
I. INTRODUCTION The application of exogenous enzymes to counteract anti-nutritive properties of targeted dietary components and improve broiler growth performance is routinely practiced. The performance of broilers offered sorghum-based diets may be inconsistent and is not usually enhanced by non-starch polysaccharide-degrading enzymes. However, amongst cereal grains, sorghum contains relatively ...
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Article published the August 3, 2009
Summary The combined inclusion of xylanase plus phytase in a wheat-based diet increased the ileal digestibility coefficients of 17 amino acids by an average of 8.6% (0.830 versus 0.764), which exceeded the average increases individually generated by xylanase (4.8%) or phytase (5.5%). Of probable relevance is that the combination of xylanase plus phytase markedly increased ileal digestibility of so ...
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