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Dr. Ankur Guptat tkss!
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Hello Rodrigo,In animal industry, the use of AI is already in place for large ruminants but for poultry it is in testing stage.
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Hi Ankur, congrats for the very interesting summary. Please, would you know if the voice recognition system is already being used by the industry (specifically poultry industry) or if it is still in the research phase?
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Global poultry industry scenarioThe value of the worldwide poultry market increased significantly between 2022 and 2023, from $352.02 billion to $378.84 billion, representing a 7.6% CAGR. Experts predict that the poultry market will continue to expand and reach $487.39 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.5% (research and markets,). Producing chicken on a big scale comes with several issues, in ...
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IntroductionAcademia and industry have invested huge resources into defining both the nutrient composition of feedstuffs and nutrient requirements of meat and egg-type poultry. Both aspects are highly complex because of their dynamic nature. Nutrient availabilities depend on the genetics of each feedstuff, but also geographic region, weather, and growing conditions. These factors impact both the q ...
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INTRODUCTIONChicken meat consumption has drastically increased in the past decades, and Australia has the fourth highest consumption of chicken meat in the world, eating 47.64 kg/person in 2020 (ACMF, 2021). The success of the poultry industry is highly related to the improved growth and performance capabilities of chicken meat birds with some strains of broilers capable of reaching market weight ...
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  Evonik has launched a digital access to EGGcellence.  AMINOHen® is an egg industry nutrition software developed by Evonik to achieve Sustainable egg production and easily individualized a feeding program for layers. We chat about  AMINOHen® with Carlos de la Cruz, Senior Manager Technical Consultancy at Evonik Animnal Nutrition. He is a veterinarian spec ...
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Peter Surai (FeedFood, UK; Vitagene and Health Research Centre, UK, among others) explains the use of vitamin E and other additives when talking about meat quality, in this Engormix interview.
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