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Interesting work. It's a shame that trypsin inhibitor was not measured. Also, it's not mentioned if the differences in slopes are significative.
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Congratulations Dr. Paulino. It's a real tour de force. Excellent review. In my company, non-linear feed formulation and in-line NIRS formulation have been a reality for many years.
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Congratulations for this splendid work. The number of birds analyzed for carcass is really impressive. I just can't see from the numbers how you could get to a maximum response for carcass yield of 136 when the maximum value was attained at 109%. It looks like a broken-line (with a linear ascending term) would have been a better option and fit the data as well as the quadratic model.
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Dear Ospina-Rojas. Thanks for the reply but my doubt is really about the regression generated with this LRP-QR (97.53= 9.069+1.4213x-0.0056*x2) which is presented in fig. 3. With just one value per paper, regressing it against Arg:Lys ratio sounds a bit odd. Not saying it’s necessarily wrong, but considering that both weight gain and Arg:Lys were standardized based on the point of maximum response ...
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Dear Ospina-Rojas. Congratulation for the very good review and discussion on the importance of arginine in general metabolism. About the mathematical analysis of the data, besides the importance of taking into account lysine levels used in the trials, as mentioned in the other comments, I would like to point that in the regression calculated in fig. 2, a large part of the difference in weight gain ...
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Hi Ricardo Hume. Nice to know we are/were company colleagues. TechBro Flex™ is the name of one of Cargill's broiler model. The second, a more encompassing version, is called Panorama. Nice to know you have heard of it. We have had very nice experiences in using them in our customers, including Argentina and Spain.
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That has been a wonderful line of discussion to follow. I would like to correct Dr. Guevara's statement, "Commercial softwares have not been developed yet". There are actually quite a few developed and in use by poultry companies around the world. Dr. Ivey, for example, developed two and my company also did the same. Completely agree with Dr. Ivey's observation that the optimization problem is rea ...
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Dear Dr. Bhardwaj. It's an interesting review on potential fat benefits in poultry diets. I would like to raise some points here for further discussion, with particular regard to broilers. One is that is important to separate the impact of increasing fat addition with or without increasing energy in the diet. If we increase fat and energy, we will obtain fatter broilers with lower breast yield. In ...
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Dear Dr. Ana. Interesting results but I noticed that the experimental design does not allow you to have some of the stated conclusions. Only having your lower CP diet without betaine and then the same diet with added synthetic glycine would allow you to conclude that this diet was deficient in this amino acid. The response you got might be due only to a deficiency of methyl donors, due to the low ...
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Dear Prof. Donzele. Since Hiphos concentration is expressed in FYT, I believe that when you write FTU you mean FYT, right? Considering it has an equivalence around a 2:1 ratio to FTU, your level was really 1000 FTU/kg. Thank you.
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