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Mycotoxicosis is the consequence of ingestion of feed (consisting of grains or forage) that contains toxic metabolites of fungi. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of mold production that have species specific effects, meaning not every mycotoxin will have the same effects on every animal. Which mycotoxins being produced depends on the species of mold present in crops and are influenced by both ...
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Mycotoxicosis in livestock species
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Dear Prof. Donzele,Your comments and observations are very much appreciated. I utterly agree with you that understanding properly the ideal feeding pattern of sows under heat stress or thermoneutral conditions is essential to establish an ideal feeding program from a formulation and a feeding management perspective. Our findings, which will be more discussed in the coming videos, indicate that pro ...
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Shahzaib Shakeel Hi Shahzaib, Mintrex is a methionine hydroxy analog bis-chelate so it provides a chemically defined structure (2 molecules of methionine hydroxy analog to 1 mineral) with protection against antagonisms in the animal's digestive tract. In terms of proteinate chelates, since a protein is several amino acids linked together, it would inherently be a larger molecule than a methionine ...
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Antagonisms are organisms and processes within the animal that negatively impact nutrient absorption, with the ability to impact animal protein production in a number of ways. Hear what Dr. Heather Tucker, Ruminant Nutrition Research Manager at Novus International, has to say about it and how to combat antagonism with Mintrex, a bis-chelated mineral
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Robert Alber, Vice President of Animal Nutrition at AlzChem, introduces Creamino®. Creatine is a natural molecule in the organism of humans and animals that elevates creatine stores in the body, supplies energy, and brings multiples benefits to poultry nutrition...
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Dr. Dexter Abrigo, Strategic Marketing & Technology Director, Novus International Southeast Asia & Pacific, speaks about the health challenges to move forward antibiotic-free production and how to improve gut health using Novus Eubiotic solutions.
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waqas ahmad Dear sir, thank you for your reply on our article.Feeding enzymes to ruminants is not a new approach. This approach exists for many decades, but the results so far are very controversial. An efficient approach is to use enzymes to pretreat the forages (hay and silage) before feeding them to the cow. The rationale behind that is that the enzymes degrading fiber need a specific condition ...
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Dear All,formulating in Bestmix, I also considered the total Ca and dig./av. P for the added phytase; and energy (ME) and AA for the NSP enzymes only. On this way I estimated to be on the safe side, because the nutrient matrix values indicate the amount of nutrient that could be released when the enzyme is added.In the past 10 years it became a trend to request and offer “matrix values&rdquo ...
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