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Priya Chemicals has obtained Six Patents of processes developed by in house R&D efforts. Priya exports to all continents. The various products of Priya are very cost effective & with better performance than the products available in the world market. Due to the sophisticated technology of e...
Article published the February 27, 2021
Trace elements are required for numerous metabolic functions in livestock. Optimal production and performance require adequate intake of balanced trace minerals. As trace mineral status of the animal declines from adequate to marginal, immunity and enzyme functions are compromised followed by the loss of performance and reproduction.     Copper Copper deficiency is a serious proble ...
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News published on February 2, 2021
It is necessary that animals have a balanced intake of Feed and water. Intake of water alongwith intake of Feed is an important indicator of the health of the animal. Pigs and Poultry drink water twice the feed intake. Whereas Cattle drink water four to five times the feed intake. Hence, any deficiency in the feed can be supplemented by nutrients through water. To improve the efficiency of anim ...
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Article published the June 11, 2020
Chel means CLAW in Greek. The Mineral needs a support to CLAW itself. This support is provided by Amino Acids and this organic support is called LIGAND in chemistry. Amino Acids have a very low molecular weight and can be absorbed easily through the walls of the intestine and hence are most preferred ligands for chelation. It is proved by studies that Amino Acids are ideal Organic Carrier (liga ...
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Parminder Singh Chawla We have products with different formulae composition. We have chelated Cobalt in the product . Please send us mail on angle@priyachem.com and we will revert with information. Best Regards
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Gottipati Laxmanrao Dear Sir, Thanks for your e mail.. Please send your address and contact details by e.mail on angle@priyachem.com my mobile is +91-98200 80220 We will do the needful.
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Very Interesting. Can I get Reprint of the paper/Lecture at angle.rajendra@gmail.com Best Regards DR R Y Angle, M.Sc, Ph.D.
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Good article about Chelated Minerals of Amino Acids. All the mineral Chelates produced have mol weight of less than 800 daltons and can be easliy absorbed. MIneral Chelates of Higher conc . are available. Also chelates of Chromium, Cobalt, Magnesium and Selenium are available. Dr R Y Angle, President Priya Chemcals
News published on November 7, 2006
Priya Chemicals, the ISO 9001-2000 & FAMI-QS certified manufacturer of Hydrolysed Proteins and Metal Chelates of Amino Acids, will be exhibiting its products at Agriprom's booth (25 K30), where visitors may know more about the company's line of feed additives. Priya Chemicals is the largest manufacturer of Amino Acids & Amino Acids based products for use in the field of Nutraceuticals, Agricult ...
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