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How can we calculate matrix values when we use protease, phytase and NSPs in combination?
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Hi, Laurine Faivre hope you will be fine. Thanks for your answer. My email is Please share technical guide regarding management solutions under heat stress. Regards, Dr. Zakria
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Hi, Laurine hope you will be fine. In our conditions, farmers raised their birds in open sided houses. In summer average environmental temperature is around above 40 Celsius. In open houses, it is difficult to control heat stress. My question is that how yeast can control the heat stress in birds reared in open houses?
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Interesting article for gut health because nowadays most research is done on how to regulate the beneficial bacteria in the gut system. Sir, what is your opinion about organic acids instead of probiotics? Can acidifiers affect the gut microflora during early age? If we add OA acids during starter and finisher, which will be the form to regulate the gut microbiota?
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Hello, everyone. Currently, I am shocked to see that in a flock of 18 days was disturbed by the severe IBD and Cocci, mortality is around 250 per day. What can I do to control this problem? Please give me suggestions.
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Thanks Mr. M. Aderbi, for sharing valuable knowledge. In Pakistan best result in tunnel ventilation system is around 2100 g weight, feed efficiency 1.6 and mortality around 3.5% at 33-35 days.
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I have control shed, around the shed there are many trees. It is the natural process that plants at day time they provide O2 and during night they exhale the CO2. I have noted that during the night time mortality occurs. Flock is about 30 day old. Every management practice is good. I have question that in the farm litter many gases includes CO2 and at the night plants also exhale CO2. Is that it t ...
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Dear, Lonut. I have done research on comparative study on antibiotic and organic acids as growth promoters. During my experiment I found that, organic acids had better response on broiler performance. I observed 0% mortality in organic acid group and 6.44% in antibiotic group. O.A reduce the Salmonella and Colliform counts from the sample. Thus, in feed we can use O.A as growth promoting agent ins ...
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