Aminul Islam
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM), MS in Microbiology
Poultry management specially gut health monitoring. Feed Additive Marketing in Bangladesh
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM), MS in Microbiology
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Hi AnaHow much amino acid can be replaced with natural betaine?Are you talking about anhydrous form?Could you please share your mail address & contact nº to discuss more.Regards,Azimul.
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Dr. Md. Zaminur RahmanThank you vai
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Feed contributes about 70% of total expenses required for the modern poultry enterprises in general. As the days go by, the issue is becoming a cause of concern and it becomes almost mandatory to rethink on the feeding strategies to make the enterprises profitable & sustainable as well. Since the major reason for the concern is the rise in prices of various feedstuffs thus as a consequence pra ...
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In practical, which one gives better quantity of Mineral absorption? Single AA chelated product or Multiple AAs or/& peptides chelated product ?
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Enzyme, a substance made up of large protein molecules, acts as a catalyst to speed up the chemical reactions without getting consumed and lower the activation energy required to get the reaction started. Enzyme activity affected by a variety of factors follows are of some important kinds. Enzyme Concentration: Enzyme concentration, [E] is directly proportional to the rate of reacti ...
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Boudewijn mys What is the reasons for Availamins for such an exceptional mode of transport.
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Broiler Production in Bangladesh
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