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Sam Shafer
The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is a community of academics, industry personnel, and students all with ties to the field of poultry science. PSA is dedicated to advancing the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge in the poultry sciences. News, resources, and original conten...
News published on April 22, 2024
This is a call for abstracts for the 2024 Poultry Science Association Latin American Scientific Conference. Abstracts must be submitted in English using the abstract submission website. The deadline for submission is 11:59 PM Eastern Time on 26 June, 2024. Complete abstract guidelines and instructions regarding the submission of abstracts are available through the PSA Website here. It is very i ...
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News published on March 21, 2024
As the global poultry industry has grown and developed, a great variety of consumer products has emerged, focused on convenience and practicality, that provide opportunities to regain value from carcass parts that may have otherwise gone to waste. During poultry processing, novel products such as fresh sausages can be an alternative use for compromised meats, such as those affected by deep pector ...
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News published on March 21, 2024
Commercial egg laying operations can benefit from more effective and economical ways to depopulate flocks at the end-of-lay while improving worker performance and maintaining or improving animal welfare. Recent on-farm research in Switzerland applied portable blue light units and specialized crate carts, seeking to improve depopulation during catching, carrying, and crating without changes to floc ...
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News published on March 21, 2024
Dietary alfalfa may improve broiler growth, but fiber inclusion may be detrimental during coccidiosis challenge. Alfalfa is a source of health-promoting bioactive compounds (phytochemicals) that may offer several benefits to the poultry industry by direct action or by influencing the microbial communities in chickens. Iowa State University researchers recently examined the role late-cutting alfa ...
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News published on March 18, 2024
This is a notice that the submission of abstracts for the 2024 Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting has been extended to Monday, March 25, 2024. The meeting will be held on July 15-18, 2024, in Louisville, KY. The new deadline to submit abstract proposals is      Monday, March 25, 2024, at 11:59 PM CDT     New for 2024 PSA is proud to announce the addition of a ...
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News published on November 21, 2023
The PSA Organizing Committee is now accepting symposium proposals for the 4th PSA Latin American Scientific Conference on 8-10 October 2024 in Foz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil. Proposals can be submitted online until 14 March 2024 at 11:59 PM Brazilian time. All segments of the poultry sciences are welcome to submit symposium proposals, including both industry and academia. Symposium presentation ...
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News published on September 11, 2023
by Sam Shafer Consumers often find goose meat low in tenderness, possibly because of conventional commercial methods of chilling carcasses. Goose is a popular dish in Taiwan, where a recent study tested "stepwise" chilling with calcium chloride incubation to improve muscle proteolysis and meat tenderization. Conventional commercial goose processing involves submerging carcasses in ice-cold water ...
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News published on September 8, 2023
by Sam Shafer Particulate matter (PM) can damage bird lungs. Now poultry scientists gather data to give a fuller picture of the effects of PM in different housing systems      Poultry scientists are working to better understand the impacts of particulate matter (PM) on bird health and production. Particulate matter includes very small particles of feed, feathers, animal waste, an ...
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News published on September 8, 2023
by Sam Shafer We know that young geese benefit from warmer drinking water, but what is the optimal water temperature? Poultry scientists take a closer look     A new investigation into goose health suggests providing drinking water that is at least 18? (64.4?) may boost the activity of digestive enzymes, promote intestinal development, increase water consumption, and even increase goo ...
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News published on September 8, 2023
by Sam Shafer As in commercial broiler chicken production, broiler breeder performance depends upon adequate dietary trace minerals, including zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), and copper (Cu). Broiler breeder diets currently used in the industry contain levels of the inorganic forms of these minerals with generous safety margins. Researchers now report that combining inorganic sources of Zn, Mn, and Cu ...
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