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Ronnick FONG
Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd, registered in 2017, is a company committed to the export trading and OEM manufacturing business of veterinary pharmaceutical raw materials(APIs), feed ingredients and specialty additives. With over 25 years’ experience in exporting business combined to w...
Article published the May 17, 2024
NHU: Net profit in 2023 was 2.704 billion yuan, down 25.30% YoY.On April 22, Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd. released the 2023 annual report, showing that the company's operating revenue was 15.116 billion yuan, a YoY decrease of 5.13%. Net profit attributable to shareholders was 2.704 billion yuan, down 25.30% YoY.In the nutritional products sector, methionine phase II 250,000 mt/a project, of which 1 ...
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Article published the April 30, 2024
The overall price of the veterinary APIs market remained stable and weak, with mixed rising and falling prices and the prices of a few products hitting new lows. The market adjustment is still ongoing. In early April, the prices of florfenicol and tylosin tartrate continued to decline, the market price of doxycycline hydrochloride showed a trend of rising first and then falling, and the average pr ...
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3/12/2024 - Thailand
Article published the March 4, 2024
APIs MARKETPre-festival stocking-up was generally completed in mid-to-late January. Some two weeks before the holiday, including the early part of this month, the market has no actual trading activity. The market has a strong wait-and-see sentiment and lacks sustained positive support.After returning from the holiday, the sales rhythm of the veterinary API market has not yet fully recovered, and t ...
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Article published the February 5, 2024
Looking back to the year 2023, the overall API market collapsed. The scarring effect left by the pandemic is hard to fade away completely; the global economy is facing downward pressure, the domestic livestock industry is in a downturn, and the prices of veterinary APIs continue to bottom out, hitting record lows.As the China Veterinary Medicine and Feed Trading Centre (CVMFTC) monitored, the VPi ...
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Article published the January 3, 2024
Looking back at 2023, the veterinary APIs market has undergone so many changes - prices falling across the board, manufacturers competing with each other, and production capacity expanding. The China Veterinary Drug & Fodder Trade Center (CVFTC) will conduct a comprehensive review based on the market conditions of veterinary APIs in previous years. We are looking back on the past and looking f ...
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News published on December 2, 2023
APIs MARKET The price index of veterinary APIs monitored by China Veterinary Drugs and Feed Trading Centre for four weeks this month was 64.80-65.07-64.90-64.66, indicating that the market is generally stable. Products such as Doxycycline hydrochloride, neomycin sulfate, tilmicosin, enrofloxacin, and florfenicol, etc, have received more attention, while other categories and products have performe ...
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News published on October 2, 2023
APIs MARKET For the veterinary API industry, the long-awaited golden weeks, "golden nine and silver ten," have been under the way, but the market opened with a less than optimistic answer sheet. The veterinary API market remains weak this month, and the trading is generally light. Whether the upstream manufacturers or the middle and lower reaches of the traders and terminals, they obviously showe ...
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Participation in Forum on September 12, 2023
@Ernestomaria EneDear, It's a quite new idea that plant extracts play effective roles in coccidiosis control. I always believe the conventional anticoccidials and anticoccidiostats work better. In recent years,I find in the market a few products are available for such application. We can share the information on such products.... Thank you.
Participation in Forum on September 12, 2023
@Oscar Briceño Dear Oscar, We improved our newsletter to have amino acids included. Could you check the lastedt issue for some details: you for your valuable comments.
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