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Hi Kenneth, there are few systems available commercially. The cost range from around $100 to few hundred dollars depending upon battery life, frequency of data collection, and whether you are looking for a real-time observation of parameters or a telemetry unit.
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Dr Kotaiah Talapaneni correct ! But our recommandation esa mot yo substitute any cocci vaccine but to bolster it into a specific feeding program during the first 4-5 weeks of age. You’re right a lot of botanical blend are not supported wit science but you may find phytogenics with consistent and peer-reviewed data. Let me know if any interest to share with you some of our recent trial showing the ...
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Bertrand Medina I have already taken a chance with vaccine. I don't want another mishap with plant based products whose mode of action and dosage is unknown. Better I stick to known coccidiostats till I am confident of vaccine.
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The development of antibacterial resistance is an issue of global concern. Not only human beings have experienced it, but it has also taken relevance in the veterinary sector.The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) mentioned in different reports that the antibacterial agents play a key role in the treatment of animal diseases. Unfortunately, antibacterial agents are often used improperly to tr ...
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Sandro Cerrate (Poultry Nutritionist Consultant-Credinser) discussed diet formulation and feed conversion, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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I really love your work on the highlight of gut health symposium, I also have keen interest in nutrigenomics on feeding animal matching genetic requirements using amino acid profile and would really love to research at your lab
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Does your company deal with ruminant feed additives to improve milk production efficiency?
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Nguyen nhu nguyen : To get good protraction against IB infection from variants strains like QX you must give the vaccines at day one Mass+variants to avoid false layer during production. As soon I see this problem this means flock got the infection first 2 weeks
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Dr. Mohammad Akram Dear Dr Akram,As you mention, I would like to know that when did you apply ( Ma5+ 4/91)? At DO or when you saw clinical of false layer? Thanks
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Dear Brother Husam, A very happy new year to you & all staff of MSD. I am agree with your suggestions to overcome the losses of IB Variants in Middle East. Based on my long experience of working in Middle East and several knowledgeable discussion with you on this issue, I have applied the similar control measures in Karachi area of Pakistan. For your kind information, many IB Variant unvaccinated ...
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