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{video:53161} At Innovad® we combine people’s long time experiences in the field of animal feed and water additives with an innovative approach and dedication to animal well-being and a healthy environment. At the same time we secure cost effectiveness for the producer. We have built a...
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Arnau Vidal, Toxin and Stress Manager at Innovad, speaks about the mode of action of Myco-Marker® which allows detection and diagnosis of mycotoxin-mediated health and performance issues either in individual animals or in a population, helping to identify the causative mycotoxins and developing appropriate mitigating strategies.
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Innovad, supplier of animal health and nutrition solutions, has welcomed four new members to its global sales and technical teams.   Based in Singapore, Robert (Bob) Nichol will be leading all business activities in the Asia Pacific region. He is a passionate, entrepreneurial executive and has built over 25 years of solid market experience with Aviagen, Biomin and EW-Nutrition. Bob is techn ...
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Antwerp, Belgium (June 8, 2020) – Innovad®, global supplier of animal health and nutrition solutions, announces the acquisition of Eco Treasures, an innovative company specialized in the extraction of natural raw materials and Eco-friendly processes. The purchase of Eco Treasures, based in Belgium, fits in the company’s commitment to sustainability. “In today’s ...
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Innovad® is proud to announce Myco-Marker®: A unique new service for measuring the risk and assessing the true impact of mycotoxins in feed on the animal’s health. Join us for the global launch in Atlanta (IPPE - Booth A1157) and Moscow (MVC - Booth A720).   Myco-Marker® is a patent pending DIAGNOSTIC TOOL to evaluate possible exposure to mycotoxins and their impact on an ...
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11/27/2019 - India
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Innovad is pleased to announce a 3-year PhD Research Collaboration with Texas A&M, a leading US university, and USDA, the US Department of Agriculture. The primary aim of the research is to ‘Establish a chronic gut inflammation/gut dysbiosis model in chickens’. The research will then aim to ‘incorporate other stressors in order to simulate the field conditions and more impo ...
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Mycotoxins impair animal health, welfare and performance. These toxins are difficult to monitor and tools assessing both the risk in feed and the exposure impact in animals can contribute greatly in helping the producer to take the right measures and thus, avoid significant economic losses. A 4-year PhD research project with the University of Ghent (Belgium) on the use of biomarkers for mycotoxin ...
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Dr. Christos Gougoulias, Innovation & Technical Communication Manager at Innovad, will host the feed formulators panel, discussing challenges and solutions among industry leaders during Feed Additives Europe 2019 event. Innovad, a global supplier of high quality additives for feed and farm application, is proud to announce its partnership with Feedinfo as silver sponsor of the Feed ...
News published on July 1, 2019
Ambient temperature and relative humidity are two of the most important environmental factors for animal productivity and welfare. Despite advances in cooling technologies and strategies heat stress, the inability of animals to properly reduce thermal energy produced, continues to represent a serious health concern. When animals are exposed to temperatures that are higher than the comfort zone (16 ...
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The impact of cumulative stressFarming animals are every day confronted with a number of challenges:climatic conditions (variation in temperature, humidity),vaccinations & infections,bad feed quality,change of feed,toxins and many other.This accumulation of several stress factors often leads to oxidative stress at the cellular level which results in:a compromised liver,suppression of the immun ...
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