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{video:53161} At Innovad® we combine people’s long time experiences in the field of animal feed and water additives with an innovative approach and dedication to animal well-being and a healthy environment. At the same time we secure cost effectiveness for the producer. We have built a...
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Christos Gougoulias, Innovation & Technical Communication Manager at Innovad, reveals the mode of action of The science behind: Lumance. This solution is an effective and powerful tool to reduce inflammation, promote villi growth, tighten the intestinal junction and stabilise the microflora.
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Ben Letor, Director of Innovad, stated that Innovad can help address species-specific challenges whether nutritionist, veterinarian or producer with newly emerging solutions that rely less on medication, during Eurotier 2018
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During Eurotier 2018, Christos Gougoulias, Innovation & Technical Communication Manager at Innovad, explain to Engormix the main purpose of the Innovation Team by Innovad, which is created to provide animal nutrition industry with the necessary tools, data and information for Innovad’s Product range and to give the necessary confidence about their efficacy in the field.
Video published on September 8, 2018
With its innovative feed additives and Research centres all over the world, INNOVAD confirms its dynamism, technology focus & manufacturing capabilities that help the industry access the needed cost-effective added value solutions.
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Background Growing concerns over resistance to antibiotics in pathogenic bacteria has resulted in increasing public and government pressure to reduce the use of antimicrobial growth promoters (AGPs) in animal feed. A negative result of AGPs removal is potential increase in incidence of certain diseases in poultry, such as necrotic enteritis and avian salmonellosis. Therefore, effective alternativ ...
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