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{video:53161} At Innovad® we combine people’s long time experiences in the field of animal feed and water additives with an innovative approach and dedication to animal well-being and a healthy environment. At the same time we secure cost effectiveness for the producer. We have built a...
Video published on September 24, 2021
Five key learnings have emerged since the launch of the RISE Platform that has relevance for animal producers across the globe. What is truly unique is that the blood spot analysis process is minimally invasive, easy to use and simple to send for analysis. Simply add up a drop of blood from five different individual animals from a population to a special card, let it dry, pop it in an envelope and ...
News published on February 16, 2021
Innovad®, a global supplier of animal health and nutrition solutions, is pleased to announce that it will be acquired by IK Investment Partners (“IK”) through its IK IX Fund. IK is acquiring the majority of the shares from the founders of Innovad. The acquisition has no consequences for the core activities nor for the other stakeholders of the company. Innovad is supported by IN ...
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Article published the April 27, 2020
1. Introduction Broiler chickens and pigs are highly exposed to mycotoxins due to their cereal based diet. These toxins are mainly produced by Aspergillus, Fusarium, and Penicillium fungal species. [1]. Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) is the most important aflatoxin with regards to potency and occurrence. Poultry are highly sensitive to the hepatotoxic and hepatocarcinogenic effects of AFB1. At lower doses, ...
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Article published the April 27, 2020
  The biggest challenge in the mitigation of toxins contamination is the ability to properly detect the risk we are confronted with.... The presence of mycotoxins in feed impairs animal health and performance leading to economic losses.. Monitoring mycotoxin exposure is important to diminish associated losses.     Up till now, mycotoxins are mostly determined in feed. Feed ...
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Participation in Forum on March 12, 2020
Victor G. Legaspi Dear Sir, yes, perfectly suited when the heat is on !!!! Please send me your email and I will direct you to our local representative. Best regards
Participation in Forum on March 12, 2020
Maqsood Jaffery Dear Dr, This product has been successfully introduced in India already. 1 g of gel per day old chick at the hatchery. Less mortality, more vital birds, better yolk sac resorption...If you have an email I can continue the discussion . Best regards
Participation in Forum on January 23, 2020
Dear Mike, Thank you for your interest. The product name is VITALITE ENERGY CHICK. It is not registered yet in Canada. Where are you located ? What is your line of activity ? We have two distributors in Canada , East & West and our own brand in USA. Best regards
Video published on December 18, 2019
Ben Letor, Director of Innovand, Introduces Dr. Kuljeet Chand Sood, General Manager Vets Farma Limited, company that is the official Innovad’s distributor in India, focusing on promoting Lumance® (intestinal health), Escent® (Mycotoxin Stress Control), and Vitalite Energy Chick (Nutritional supplement for day old chicks), during Poultry India 2019.
He attended the event:
11/27/2019 - India
Ben Letor likes the news release:
Dr. Christos Gougoulias, Innovation & Technical Communication Manager at Innovad, will host the feed formulators panel, discussing challenges and solutions among industry leaders during Feed Additives Europe 2019 event. Innovad, a global supplier of high quality additives for feed and farm application, is proud to announce its partnership with Feedinfo as silver sponsor of the Feed ...
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