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This disease is going on all the farms. It has mortality a lot of birds. How can it be stopped?
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After viral infections like IB,IBD,ND & AI bird’s susceptibility to bacterial infection like E.coli is increased . This looks like colisepticemia (Systemic Ecoli infection) after some viral exposure . Treat it with antibiotics .
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Gut health is a foundation for performance and profitability in animal production. A balance between the feed components, gastrointestinal functionality, and gut microbiota is necessary to optimize animal health & performance in a homeostatic manner. Maintaining good gut health in the flock can minimize production disruptions caused by disease challenges. It can also reduce the need for antibiotic ...
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Thanks for introduction of good product for chicks to be transported to farm particularly in warm climate like of my country. I am working as poultry consultant in PAKISTAN. I need further technical details, shelf life (expiry duration) & approximate price for evaluation of product verses benefits achieved.
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Vitamin E and c is a good for poultry. It's rich source of immunity.
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CRD & E-coli
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Ewa Sujka, Head of Sales Department at Liptosa, introduces Coccilip for the Indian Subcontinent, a phytogenic specially designed to control coccidia in animal production and minimizes the risk of secondary bacterial enteritis, during Poultry India 2019.
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