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Poultry Consultant, PhD- Poultry Science
Discussion created on November 15, 2019
Dear all, It is well accepted that glutathione per se is an integral constituent of the enzyme system in the body of birds, which is responsible for major biochemical processes necessary for the viability of the cells. I wanted to know can this glutathione be given orally to the birds? If Yes, what doses have been recommended? Kindly shed some light on the topic.
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Poultry industry has emerged as the most dynamic and fastest expanding segment in animal husbandry sector with an annual growth rate of 6% in 1980's, 11% in 1990s, 19% in 1997-2002 and 6.2% during 2002-2006 in broiler chickens and 5-6% in egg production during this period in India. With an annual production (BAHS, 2010) of around 61.45 billion eggs (95.2% hen, 2.5% duck and 2.3% from other speci ...
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Looking at the droppings there would appear to be a relatively low incidence of diarrhoea (2 only). In some systems, where there are a lot of flies and the faeces are stored under the pens (e.g. deep pits) higher incidences say up to 30-40% of droppings can be affected which definitely reduces egg production and increases mortality. Where the faeces are cleared away by belt (as in the picture?) th ...
Discussion created on October 22, 2019
The problem of loose dropping is common in layer chickens and it is often regarded as bacterial enteritis/dysbacteriosis. Apart from coccidiosis, what are the practical field observations that a poultry veterinarian encounters? It can be discussed here with the causes and treatment, including the management practices that have been observed and practiced. How Dysbacteriosis and Bacterial enteriti ...
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nystatin will may give quick results such as vimetatin oral solution. Better to use a livertonic containing yeast extract such as revital plus by Hilton .
Discussion created on October 20, 2019
Farmers are often lazy to protect feed from moisture. We have observed reduced FCR and weight gain in some farms and huge mortality with stunted growth, necropsy of such birds reveal liver lesions and swollen kidney, I hope our members will put their practical experiences relating to such conditions which are generally considered as fungal toxicity though no laboratory confirmation is always possi ...
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Antibiotic usage in the early age of broiler chicken is practiced as a preventive measure in developing countries specially under unorganized sector. What ill effects are reported against this ritual? And what are the alternative apart from biosecurity and feed and water acidification?
Photo posted on September 3, 2019
Mycotixicosis in broiler where Liver and kidney lesions are observed.
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There are infectious and no infectious causes of loose droppings in poultry. Excess water intake can lead to loose droppings. High fibre content of feeds, especially pelletized feed, can also lead to loose droppings, Bacterial infections like pasteurellosis, salmonellosis. Viral infection like new Castle disease, IBD can lead to loose droppings.
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Danka Maslic-Strizak Thankyou, I was expecting this answer.. I have observed the same condition in hot and humid summers.. But can u please eloborate on the role played by the acetic acid in this regards??
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