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Poultry Consultant, PhD- Poultry Science
Discussion created on August 31, 2020
Mycotoxins interfere in the vitamin D metabolism leading to poor calcium absorption, causing Lameness. Does anyone agree to this point?
Participation in Forum on August 11, 2020
Ram Singh Thank you for your valuable insight, sir.
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Yes, mycotoxins interfere with normal matabolism of Vitamin D. However, mycotoxins interaction with vitamin D is important. It is the level of mycotoxin in feed which is important that interacts with the vitamin D. What level of mycotoxin in feed disrupts the vitamin D metabolism, which has not been researched extensively so far. Therefore, the mycotoxin- vitamin D interaction is inconclusive. Dr. ...
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Yes, I agree with the statement. It is already proven that mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, ochratoxin, etc., can interfere with vitamin D/calcium/phosphorus metabolism.
Discussion created on July 12, 2020
The problem of loose dropping is common in layer chickens and it is often regarded as bacterial enteritis/dysbacteriosis. Apart from coccidiosis, what are the practical field observations that a poultry veterinarian encounters? It can be discussed here with the causes and treatment, including the management practices that have been observed and practiced. How Dysbacteriosis and Bacterial enteriti ...
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Thank you on having all as a vision to griwth and technically its a learning on as we having some more extra aspects on from you all and mark up ticks on our board of Agromux team A very well detailed comments may not be the same but the sounds tells A2) apart from having commented on as above am asking this ppatform if may allow us to have a group that chat on whats on poultry technic ...
Discussion created on February 23, 2020
Dear all, It is well accepted that glutathione per se is an integral constituent of the enzyme system in the body of birds, which is responsible for major biochemical processes necessary for the viability of the cells. I wanted to know can this glutathione be given orally to the birds? If Yes, what doses have been recommended? Kindly shed some light on the topic.
Discussion created on December 12, 2019
Beneficial effects of CoQ10 supplementation have been demonstrated in human patients with cardiovascular disease , hypertension , and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. #Ascites, one of most common metabolic diseases in broilers, causes great financial losses ($1 billion p.a)to poultry farmers around the world. Etiology of ascites in chickens surrounds 3 aspects: (1) Pulmonary hypertension, (2 ...
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Necrotis enteritis has been ranked as one of the most important diseases affecting poultry operations nowadays. Its occurrence is increasing, especially in countries where antibiotic growth promoters have been banned. Very common in broilers, it is also encountered in laying hens, particularly near the beginning of egg laying or during production peak. Cases in pullets have also been described. ...
Photo posted on December 12, 2019
Ascites in broiler
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