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Sometimes the problem is only high ambient temperature and high water consumption, and the problem can be solved by giving acetic acid in water 0.1%.
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Kamalmousa Ghedan, thank you for your question. As we have several IB variants challenging layer & breeder, using several IB variants strains before production will be great to protect birds and to be primier for killed vaccine and QX vaccine to be one from them will be good. Also, I advice to use the IB killed with different IB variants on it will give good antibodies, as more antibodies mean ...
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Thank you all
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You explain the existence of the left and right oviducts?
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Flocks immunized, titers determined by ELISA satisfactory, RT-PSR not detected virus genomes, and the flocks with a false paraovarijan cyst in layer hens and some hermaphrodite.
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Flocks of hens immunized with IB vaccine virus strains 4/91 MA5 and a much better protection against variant strains of IB virus. Vaccination is done in 1 and 14 days of living with live vaccines in 8 weeks is repeated with Ma 5 and in 16 is a dead - oil vaccine.An infection with IB virus variant strains arise in laying hens and ovarian cysts oviduct(fallopian tube). I'm interested in whether a ce ...
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Poultry with mycoplasmas should be given anti-mycoplasma agents two days before and two days after vaccination against IB and ND.
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INTRODUCTION From the aspect of human and veterinary medicine, food safety represents a significant problem. Thus, attention is directed to diseases which are closely related to different kinds of mycotoxicoses. Reports from the World Health Organization show that the presence of mycotoxins and toxic metabolites of molds in the food for human consumption is not on the decrease. Due to the obviou ...
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