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Nikola Puvaca
PhD in Biotechnology - Animal Nutrition PhD in Veterinary Medicine
Article published the September 15, 2021
1. Introduction The appearance of new transmittable plant diseases is determined by anthropogenic and conservational change, including changes in trade, land use, and climate [1–4]. The growth of infected plant material through trade in plant products, germplasm, grafts, and live plants has been recognised as the greatest contributing factor to the emergence of new plant diseases [5–7 ...
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Article published the August 4, 2020
1. Introduction Modern feed mills produce a wide range of products on a daily basis, regardless of whether they have one or several processing lines. Formulated diets are often composed of more than 20 ingredients and each of the ingredients is carefully selected based on the nutritional quality, safety, price, and availability [1]. Safe ingredients are important for the production of safe animal ...
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Participation in Forum on January 18, 2017
Dear Dr Adejoro, Thank you very much for interest in innovative and lets say state of the art Research & Educational center. There is plenty opportunities and we are open for new projects and research. Very best regards, Dr Nikola Puvaca
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This topic will be an interesting presentation for me to read or view on video. I belivee that knowledge capitalization should a new innovative in private research initiatives. It is my pleasure to access this training if opportunity exist
Article published the December 12, 2016
Introduction Apart from an important role of medicinal herbs, aromatic plants and spices in daily human nutrition for enhancement of taste, aroma and colour of food, these additives have also been efficiently used in animal nutrition for improvement of animal health and wellbeing. With the ban of antibiotics use in animal nutrition due to the emergence of microbe resistance, alternative growth pro ...
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Article published the December 12, 2016
Introduction The use of nutritional strategies to improve the quality of meat is a relatively new approach that has emerged at the interface of animal and food science. Nutritional approaches are often more effective than direct addition of the additive to meat since the compound is preferably deposited where it is most needed (Govaris et al., 2004; Dhama et al., 2015). As in other animal species ...
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Article published the December 12, 2016
Introduction Antibiotics have been widely used in animal production for decades. Although some are used therapeutically to improve the health and wellbeing of animals, most were given for prophylactic purposes and to improve growth rate and FCR efficiency. However, due to the emergence of microbes resistant to antibiotics, which are used to treat human and animal infections, the European Commissi ...
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Product published on July 5, 2016
An infestation of red mite (Dermanyssus Gallinae), will cause a drop in egg production, and according to the severity, even mortality. The mites are blood feeders and attack resting birds at night. The life cycle of a red mite is not dependent on the host. They live and breed in crevices, as near to their meal as possible. The mite progresses through five life stages: egg, larva, protonymph, deuto ...
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