Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
I specialise in poultry project management and marketing, perfomances evaluation for products and sales force. Project restart, repositioning, and detailed management audit for integrated poultry projects.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Follow recent activities of livestock Industry Foundation for Africa in Nigeria and create opportunities for collaborations in Africa
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The mechanisms of action of probiotics include enhancement of the epithelial barrier, increased adhesion to intestinal mucosa, and concomitant inhibition of pathogen adhesion, competitive exclusion of pathogenic microorganisms, production of anti-microorganism substances and modulation of the immune system (from Google search) From the above it is obvious that probiotics compete with Gram negativ ...
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A healthy chicken gut is essential for optimum digestibility, maximum nutrient absorption, immunity development and disease resistance. Disruption of gut integrity and imbalance of gut microbiota may have negative effects on feed conversion, productivity, and health of chicken. For the last few decades in poultry production, antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) have been widely used in poultry diet ...
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Narayan Banik What results did you have? Can we have some emperical information after each of your Vaccination ? Can you adapt a strategic management prophylactic treatment at the age of risk. Or adapt12 weeks interval of a mixed strategy of Vaccination alternate with prophylactic treatment using a laboratory sensitive drug. Ihave not tried these approach either but looked very prospective for a ...
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drkotaiah indbro I have a contrary view in my practice with emperical evidences on prophylactic benefits
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drkotaiah indbroThank you for your comment, prevention they say is better than cure, so I expect that you should adopt the probiotic approach to sustain intestinal health if your stock, Strengthening their humoral and innate immune responsesWhen you adopt this prophylactic approach you will the pathogens resistance level of your flock and reduce their vulnerabilities to heavy bacteria infections.T ...
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Poultry production is economically important Worldwide and it’s a cornerstone for the improvement of livelihood of populations in developing countries. It has been a feature of human society for several years and it’s the most feasible and sustainable of all meat and protein production systems. Poultry plays an important role in the livelihood of rural communities in developing countries. To make ...
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It is a full 10 days residential training. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to follow online, E-learning is available between courses through a closed Facebook group
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In summary this product seem to be more appropriate in controlling social vices in Animals Do you have some experimental trials or field trials to share on this product? I See need to evaluate this product in multi stressors environment like the humid tropical climate like in South Sahara Africa LIFA can take up such responsibilities in this region,abd for more about LIFA please follow our activit ...
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Dear Jignesh Barot, of course tarsus-metatarsus bone marrow is a sample of choice if the only available sample is a dead bird as, for instance, only could happen when an hipper-acute presentation of the disease occurs in which the only clinical sign in the appearance of sudden deaths which may take place whilst the rest of the flock show any disease signs of fowl cholerae and you only available sa ...
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