Stephen Adejoro Dr
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
I specialise in poultry project management and marketing, perfomances evaluation for products and sales force. Project restart, repositioning, and detailed management audit for integrated poultry projects.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Participation in Forum on January 7, 2020
I believe in the dietary application of organic Betaine in the management of Ascitis in broiler. Why? Because Betaine stabilize intracellular homeostasis by increasing internal cell osmolarity there by preventing water loss to the peritoneumBetaine also assist to minimize wet litter thereby improving oxygen by minimizing Amonia releaseBetaine intermediate metabolism releases nitric oxide a chemica ...
Participation in Forum on January 4, 2020
Thank you for your contribution to knowledge livestock industry foundation for Africa ( is interested in promoting new discoveries on mycotoxins mitigations in the South Sahara Africa Follow many of our knowledge sharing activities in the link below
Participation in Forum on January 3, 2020
I think it is not the Mycotoxins that replicate themselves, or form themselves,but the various fungi or Mycelium which produce them it is the fungi that requires conducive environment to produce myco toxins and various fungi produce peculiar, or multiple myco toxins that ranges from Aflatoxin to Fuminoxin DON and Zearalinone etc The conducive factors for these fungi must include appropriate substr ...
Participation in Forum on December 31, 2019
James Denton thank you for throwing more light on this foundation Livestock industry foundation for Africa will show interest in collaboration with your NGO to improve Poultry food security in Africa To follow this NGO immediate past activities in Nigeria kindly link our blog or contact the founder Dr Stephen Adejoro on or direct at lifango48.
Participation in Forum on November 1, 2019
The use of probiotics and prebiotics for the management of coccidiosis is still very strange to me, and I will need more clarification on their kinds of action on protozoa like Eimeria species.We understand perfectly well the mechanism if action of probiotics against the flagellated gram negative enterobacteria through probiotics blockages of predilection sites for the gram negative enterobactaria ...
Participation in Forum on October 25, 2019
Management of necrotic enteritis must be considered along with any holistic management of coccidiosis and litter hygiene to subclinically guarantee preimmunity to the flick must be considered.We need to control necrotic enteritis because the mucus produced from the pathogenesis of this infection is an adequate substrate for the survival of coccidia proliferation in poultry.I always advise in my pr ...
Participation in Forum on September 21, 2019
A comprehensive study and an excellent research investigation.
Participation in Forum on September 19, 2019
Yosef Huberman This concept of double vaccination is interesting to me, YosefDoes it mean that the flock could be protected for a longer period more than 12 weeks after vaccination?Our experience showed that vaccination does not protect for more than 12 weeks before a reinfection in an endemic flock, but your idea of double vaccination is interesting for an investigation of the flock sero profilin ...
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Maarten De Gussem (Vetworks) talked about the lessons learned in Europe by using free range production, during APA Egg Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Mike Donohue (Agri Stats) discussed long term trends in broiler efficiency and nutrition, as well as the transition to antibiotic-free production, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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