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Animal Production & Health
*Artificial Insemination & Breeding ( Poultry, Fish, Cattle, Sheep & Goat) *Proximate Analysis of Feed *Production of Phyto-biotics *Feed formulation for Fish & Poultry *Laboratory analysis
Animal Production & Health
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Thank you very much for the information.
Article published the June 23, 2020
INTRODUCTION The use of plants in traditional medicine (herbs) has been in existence for thousands of years because plants have proven to be a natural renewable resources with valuable bioactive compounds (Lina, 2017; Cherkupally et al., 2017) and also provided a clue on the discovery of new products of medicinal value for drug development (Senthilkumar et al., 2018). According to Rates (2001) ou ...
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Article published the April 22, 2020
INTRODUCTION Medicinal plant is any plant which in one or more of its organs contains substances that can be used for therapeutic purposes or which are precursors for the synthesis of useful drugs (Sofowora, 1993). Recently, there has been increasing demand for organic or natural products to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics as growth promoters due to its high cost and negative human hea ...
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Article published the December 23, 2019
Introduction Poultry production has experienced a lot of remarkable growth within the past forty years, but there are still some problems confronting the industry, one of which is the high cost of feed materials. Recent data have shown that feed cost constitutes about 70-75% of the total cost of production, this could be basically attributed to the stiff competition between humans and animals for ...
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I taught 20000 ppb is the permissible range? Do mycotoxins really cause Cancer
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Ability to prevent most of these pathogens will reduce mortality and cost of production. Thanks for the vital information.
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Excellent work
Article published the December 3, 2018
INTRODUCTION The use of antibiotics growth promoter at sub-therapeutic level (AGPs) has been practiced in the poultry industry since 1946, but recent research has proven that its continuous use can cause bacteria resistance and possible transmission of the antibiotic residues into the food chain (Kristy Kemmett., 2015; Sanjyal and Sapkota., 2011). Because of food safety concerns, there has been a ...
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Phytase is very a important enzyme that I have incorporated in broiler feeds and I got a very good result.
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