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Article published the February 27, 2019
IntroductionThe Layers are the most productive egg producers in the entire world. The innovative techniques had not been examined to improve energetic potential of hens. In Recent scenario, a hen may be produced annually 280 to 320 eggs (Soomro et al., 2015). Mostly Leghorn Hens preferred for commercial egg production due to low height, weight and produce the maximum egg production. Different grow ...
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Article published the January 16, 2019
IntroductionAppropriate housing conditions have a significant role in successful poultry farming. Poultry birds are mostly reared on floor and cage systems and need accurate management for better health and production. Commercial poultry farming is suited to planned and managed proper housing conditions for keeping the birds productive and healthy as poultry keepers can increase the production. Th ...
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What is the procedure for registration, please?
Article published the June 22, 2017
INTRODUCTIONThe White Leghorn chickens are the most productive white egg layer and are used in commercial egg production all over the world. Leghorn breed is single comb and completely covered in dense white feathers and will lay about 250-300 white eggs annually. Leghornhavebeen a preferred for commercial egg production due to smaller size and over the top egg production. The White Leghorn hen is ...
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There are so many factors may cause lameness including, nutritional deficiency, slipped tendon, mycoplasma synoviae, Marek's and managemental factors like dampness of litter etc.
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