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Hi to all;There are two phenomena that sometimes are called prolapse but in reality they are not.1- Vent pecking; after oviposition part of oviduct remains outside of body for seconds and will be pecked by others, cloaca and intestine be eaten and a big hole remains. Somebody called this situation as prolapse but it is not. 2- Cloacitis: recently in aged modern layer a new problem is seen that was ...
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Necrotic enteritis is the result of the overgrowth of Clostridium perfringens in the upper part of the intestines. Clostridum perfringens is a Gram-positive bacteria and forms spores that are extremely resistant to desiccation, heat, disinfectants, and UV radiation, and as a consequence, it is frequently present in poultry houses all around the world.In conditions of optimal gut health, Clost ...
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