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Due to heat stress chicks losses weaghit down fcr feeds and Chang chekin Color red and white
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Hi . I would like this topic . Rickets it means (poverty of bones) .mycotoxins effect on absorption of calcium and phosphorous that can cause resistance in bone , at least lead to Rickets in poultry. ( Droopy wings , appetite loss , slow growth , weight loss ,problems in balance ,inability to walk ,even stand ,inhibited motility) . i would like find treatment method for this difficult . I will ...
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Yes , this video is very useful. I would like to get more such informative videos relating to pigs and poultry.
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Teressa, thank you very much for your beautiful work and sharing.
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Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a Gram-negative bacterium that can be found in coastal areas and estuaries. Rising ocean temperatures during recent years have contributed to its global dissemination.Vibrio parahaemolyticus can infect fish, shrimp, shellfish and other aquaculture animals, especially shrimps. In shrimps, it causes acute hepatopancreas necrosis disease (AHPND), a disease pr ...
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Most calcium for egg shell formation are from the medullary bones of reptiles and birds. It is only at extreme emergencies that calcium drive from cortical bones are needed. In that case fragility of the bone is the outcome. Bone metabolism in oviparous species via calcium utilization is under the influence of oestrogenic activities. The more the eggs are formed to be layed the more the oestrogeni ...
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