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Dear Dr. Nitin, Such dark lesions, in our opinion could be of nutritional origin (black vomit, copper excess or biogenic amines) or infection by Clostridium. Regards, Teresa
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Dear Dr. Fayaz, your article is very interesting and I agree with it 100%. Thank you very much for sharing! Teresa
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Dear Winnie, First I want to highlight that here we are talking only about antibiotics for prevention, not for treatment. I have little experience in African markets, but I guess that sooner or later it will follow the global trend by reducing the use of AGP. However, this process takes time as it requires the combined efforts of nutritionists and farm managers, a change in legislation and tig ...
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Dear Mr. Walker, many thanks for your kind comments!
Article published the April 29, 2014
The livestock industry is currently moving towards a reduction in the use of antibiotic growth promoters in order to prevent the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains in humans. Feeds without antibiotics are a reality in the European Union and in South Korea now, while other countries are looking into ways to control them, such as United States or Australia. Even in China, after the antibiotic ...
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Dear Mr. Hassanain, Unfortunately, the products are not found in Algeria yet, we wish there will be available there soon! Thanks for your comment!
Article published the March 20, 2014
Necrotis enteritis has been ranked as one of the most important diseases affecting poultry operations nowadays. Its occurrence is increasing, especially in countries where antibiotic growth promoters have been banned. Very common in broilers, it is also encountered in laying hens, particularly near the beginning of egg laying or during production peak. Cases in pullets have also been described. ...
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