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#Coccidiosis in poultry
Participation in Forum on February 12, 2024
@BAWINDSOMDE OUEDRAOGO Thanks for your kind comment!
Participation in Forum on July 3, 2023
Dear Dr. Beplob, Our product is effective, and we have carried trials against competing products where the animals treated with our product showed better performance. However, in my opinion, if the management of the farm is bad, there will be no product, natural or synthetic, that will solve the underlying problems.
Participation in Forum on April 17, 2023
Angel Roberto Sanchez Quinche Dear Angel Roberto, there are many types of essential oils, which come from different species of plants around the world. Some are very expensive and there is little availability, others are more abundant and affordable. Those used in animal feed are usually affordable, so treatment with essential oils is usually reasonably priced, although slightly more expensive tha ...
Participation in Forum on April 10, 2023
Dear Iftikhar, the product contains essential oils that are mostly acting on respiratory health. For growth promotion, we use other essential oils, that focus more on digestive health. Best regards, Teresa
Participation in Forum on March 31, 2023
Dear Dr. Biswajit, thanks for your comment! In severe conditions, we recommend starting the administration of essential oils as soon as possible, and combining the administration by drinking water with spraying in the environment at least for a couple of days. Best regards, Teresa
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Thanks Teresa M. Agulles Teixidó for sharing this article. We are frequently encountering with these respiratory issues of poultry and received very good response from the essential oil based drugs during such conditions. But in severe conditions, these types of drugs takes little longer time to show efficacy. As you rightly mentioned, we recommend such products at a regular interval (3-4 days ...
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3/8/2023 - Thailand
Participation in Forum on January 9, 2023
DR.MUHAMMAD SHAFIQUE Many thanks for your kind comments!
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Due to heat stress chicks losses weaghit down fcr feeds and Chang chekin Color red and white
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Hi . I would like this topic . Rickets it means (poverty of bones) .mycotoxins effect on absorption of calcium and phosphorous that can cause resistance in bone , at least lead to Rickets in poultry. ( Droopy wings , appetite loss , slow growth , weight loss ,problems in balance ,inability to walk ,even stand ,inhibited motility) . i would like find treatment method for this difficult . I will ...
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