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Mike Stahl,Check your fiber, sodium levels as well.
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Well done, very nice article. I have seen the same results in the field, and regularly used 6 + hours of darkness with no negative effects at 38 days.
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Introduction Genetic companies using new advances in genetic engineering are working to achieve high-persistence brown and white egg layer hybrids capable of producing more than 500 eggs in a 100-week lay and molt-free period. 1-The quality of the shell is the main reason for a producer to discard a flock of layer. 2-The posture drop is the second. - The most important nutritional strategy is ...
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Some producers complain that their meat or egg type chickens suffer from problems in bone or egg shell quality when they include phytase in the diet as a partial substitute for the inorganic phosphorus sources (MCP; DCP; bone meal) according to the matrix value provided by the manufacturing company. Under field conditions, phytase activity is controlled by several par ...
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Introduction Modern layer hybrids are a four-line-cross with a long breeding history and show a very high production potential in different housing systems all around the world. This proofs for white egg producing lines and for brown egg producing hens as well. Due to ongoing genetic work the egg industry and farmers realise steadily increasing persistency and longer liability under all housing c ...
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DR.R.N.Sreenivas Gowda, you make good points on enzyme supplementation. We developed Victus™ Broiler multi-enzyme supplement several years ago based on bird physiology, changes in nonstarch polysaccharides (NSP) over the growout, and the need for debranching enzymes (Ward, 2013). While also including phytase, protease and amylase, the Victus NSP enzyme composition coincides with feed changes. It ...
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Hello Doug Korver, Thank-you for your response. Looking forward to your 4th webinar for PIP as well, as I think you'll cover this subject as well then,maybe? Kind Regards,
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Hello, Were the birds fed different particle size Cal. and if so, what was the ratio? And was it consistent across all diets?
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Frederic Paris, I'm curious, how did the flock w/o organic acids in the water compare to flocks with it? Cheers.
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You said it kills microbes, what about bacterial adaptation? Perhaps you should take it into account in your strategy?
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