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Copper (Cu) is a vital element involved in cellular metabolism and enzyme systems. At levels greater than nutritional requirements, dietary Cu addition enhances growth performance as a growth promoter (Pesti and Bakalii, 1996). Copper dosing at levels up to 250 mg/kg feed has been shown to improve intestinal structure and function, and alter the intestinal microbiota profile (Di Giancamillo et al. ...
Participation in Forum on July 11, 2024
@Gene Pesti I want to say thank-you for this comment. I have seen in the field that when substituting Canola Meal at 5% for soymeal that it helped, and had concluded that it was due to the SAA. I didn't know however, that it's a 1:1 ratio of Methionine to CuS04.Thank-you again, and will look at the research paper you provided the link for.
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Have you done studies on CH, when challenged with a cocci/NE model? What were the results compare to CuSO4?
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Frank Ivey (Feed2Gain) shares his experience and insights on diet changes, cost savings in formulations, as well as how the impact of enzymes is evaluated, in this Engormix interview.
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Dr. Piotr Stanislawski shares his experience with Engormix members regarding the use of enzymes in poultry diets and gives his advice on how to do it properly.
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It's a shame that there wasn't a treatment with a high level of Cu from sulfate. In this way, the only treatment with a real control diet (with the same Cu and Zn levels from sulfate) is Hyd1.
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Does this change if birds are challenged with Clostridium Perfringens? Higher amounts of copper sulfate is a strategy used in such cases, how does HyCu compare then?
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I. INTRODUCTIONStephen Jay Gould famously introduced the term ‘non-overlapping magisteria’ in a Natural History article in March 1997, to describe the separation between scientific and religious lines of enquiry (Gould, 1997). From a broiler nutrition perspective, it would be accurate to represent digestible amino acid and metabolisable energy research, and digestible P and Ca research ...
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Hello Dr. Korver Can you share the diet composition and Ingredient/inclusions? If you want to, you can email them to Many thanks.
Participation in Forum on June 28, 2023
Nelson Ruiz, Thank-you for those insights. I agree that Least Cost formulation is "outdated", but in Canada where the price of meat increases as the cost to produce it does, the differences aren't so great as in other countries. I have used non-LP (MPFF) similar to spreadsheets found like this, for a few years now. Even then, the cost for synthetic A ...
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