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Frederic good day and jefo got one called gallinat recop it is good for gut health its encapsulated acids and GARLIC and garlic got to be the healthest herb foe man kind and animals
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I don’t see any advantages vs not allowing birds to find water vs feed only at placement. I put lots of feed down on paper, try to cover about 40-50% of the brooding area with feed/ paper+ Supplemental feed trays+ feeder pan on overflow setting+chicks feeder open on feed line etc... about 80-90 hrs of feed/ chick down on paper. This way you dump chicks in a ocean of feed, don’t worry t ...
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dan hofer I have heard of Jefo’s Gallinat + as I farm 20 km from Jefo head office in St-Hyacinthe Quebec, Canada. I’m not using it at the moment, but I use a Trouw Nutrition product called Elarom in Canada, and very satisfied. I think it works on the same concept as Gallinat and I have too removed BMD from my feeding program. I’m mid flock with a test without OA it n water, I&rsq ...
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Carlos Augusto Borges thanks for your great explanations. If I get it right, if ammonia is used in OA liquid mix, it is mainly as a “protector” to avoid the water PH to drop too much and reach the point of 3.5, where birds would back off water? If acid dissociates in water to lower it PH, then why not use HCL/phosphoric acid products to make it at way lower cost and attain the same cro ...
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Hi, going through this very instructive discussion, it helps me understand more the dissociation concept of OA vs PKa of the environment around the OA molecule. It rise me a few questions: I use Selko PH (Pro Hydro in Canada) in my broilers. It’s is made of formic and acetic acid with a added ammonia as a buffer to protect the acids to dissociate later in the GIT. I must say it looks making the j ...
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Nelson Ruiz very interesting feeding programs tables to compare!! Does the final cost of feed per kg of live broiler include manufacturing and delivery to the broiler farm? Because higher FCR translates into more tons made and shipped, so although on paper it makes sense, the final cost may be different.
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I Also use chopped wheat straw. What lenght is the best for you? And how do you chop it? I buy straw chopped by a Krone prechop baler, most of the stuff is chopped 40 days are grown. Suppose to help with litter condition with grain rolled at 2000 microns 
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